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Should you contact an old flame and be forthright and not worry about your pride or should you send an anonymous card because you don't know if he is single?



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Time a part may have given both of you the perspectives you each need to have a successful relationship with each other even if it did not work out the first time. If you loved each other that much, it may be entirely possible for you to love each other again. You will never know unless you try. == == This is a horrid situation and feels so awful when you are in the middle of it - we have all been there! But I wish when I had been in this situation I had been able to stay strong and not waste my time - and I am advising you to learn from my (and so many other people's) mistake! With men, generally speaking, if they are interested in picking up on something with you, they are likely to be the ones who will make the first move, and although he may be flattered if you make a move, send an anonymous card etc, men don't really like to be denied their masculine right to be the hunter, not the hunted. Although you two are exes, it's not always a good idea to get back together with an ex - it is an appealing package, of course, because you both know each other well, it's a comfortabl situation to slip back into but why did you split up? At least one of you must have been unhappy and if you are feeling like this, it is more likely that you are feeling lonely and in a rut, rather than actually still in love with him, I might venture. Try to stay strong and move on, and you might find that the more together and secure you become in yourself, the quicker you will naturally attract someone who is much more right for you. It is a waste of your time and precious energy focussing on the past and slipping back into a situation with an ex, or at least fixating on the possibility of it - especially as you are feeling vulnerable and would up by it. Regain your own centre, be kind to yourself and you will find that life will fall into place magically and far better than you could have imagined. But while you are obsessing over your ex, you are preventing anything new and potentially better for you from coming into your life. EVerything that happens is meant to be, and if you try to relax then you will be surprised what comes to you. Good luck x