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Should you continue to talk to your ex when she told you she really wants to be friends but wants to date others and you said if she wants to date others then why do we need to talk or be friends?



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if you love only to her body then don't leave her but if you love her heart and soul then you try to make her understand that you don't like all this. but when you will feel that may not leave this of her habbit then you wil also be a fool like me who wasted his 3 years for my ex friend but in the end i had to see more griefs, more sorrows and more sadness.


It's obvious you do love her, but I agree with you. She simply can't have it both ways. If there is any chance you will get back together it will be with you walking away from her and letting her know you intend on dating other girls. That will get her thinking! Don't let her have her cake and eat it too. I don't think being friends when one still loves the other is a good idea as it only pours salt into an open wound and the person that has left for greener fields simply gets to keep an eye on the person they left. Have that talk with her and start dating!

Good luck

You should continue talking to your ex. Even though you broke up it doesnt mean you cant get a fresh start. I dated my best friend, broke up, and im still talking to him on a daily bases. You should talk to be friends because its just somthing you can do. Or maybe the girl feels bad. Its all your choice. There really isn't a reason to talk to be friends again. Its just something you choose to do.