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if you love only to her body then don't leave her but if you love her heart and soul then you try to make her understand that you don't like all this. but when you will feel that may not leave this of her habbit then you wil also be a fool like me who wasted his 3 years for my ex friend but in the end i had to see more griefs, more sorrows and more sadness.

AnswerIt's obvious you do love her, but I agree with you. She simply can't have it both ways. If there is any chance you will get back together it will be with you walking away from her and letting her know you intend on dating other girls. That will get her thinking! Don't let her have her cake and eat it too. I don't think being friends when one still loves the other is a good idea as it only pours salt into an open wound and the person that has left for greener fields simply gets to keep an eye on the person they left. Have that talk with her and start dating!

Good luck

You should continue talking to your ex. Even though you broke up it doesnt mean you cant get a fresh start. I dated my best friend, broke up, and im still talking to him on a daily bases. You should talk to be friends because its just somthing you can do. Or maybe the girl feels bad. Its all your choice. There really isn't a reason to talk to be friends again. Its just something you choose to do.
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What if your friend is mean should you be friends with her?

Sometimes you can continue to be friend, but sometimes you can't. It depends if you are sick of her or if you really care about her

How do you get a girl to like you and tell her but if she rejects you still continue being her friend specially if your really good friends?

If you really like a girl and you two are really good friends you should try and move on because you don't want to ruin your friendship.

What should you do if its really weird talking to your crush And your not really friends but you really want to be friends with him?

Eat your sock!

Your friends are being really mean to you and one of your friends keeps lying about you to your other friends now they hate you what should you do?

Try to get things straightened out first but if that doesn't work then maybe you should leave them-if that's how they behave then they aren't real friends. Perhaps you should try to get new friends as it's possible that they will soon come crawling back when they see you are happy with others.

Should you give up on geography?

It is up to your own discretion. If you like it, why not continue? If you really don't, then give it up if you really think you can't continue.

What should I do I am really sad to leave all my friends but i really want to go to this other school what should i do and i will have no memories of those friends what should I do?

invest in a mobile phone. xO

Should friends gossip about your past relationships?

Not unless they're really your friends

Should you ask a girl out if you know your friends will make fun of you for it?

if your friends are really your friends they wont laugh

Should space travel continue?

No space travel should not continue because we are paying taxes to the space company and they haven't really discovered anything new.

How do friends make us feel?

Friends (should) make us feel really good.

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How do you make your friends like you?

If your friends don't like you, then they aren't really your friends. Friends should like you for who you are. Just be yourself, and you will meet some true friends.

Should you go out with your friend you meet ages ago?

in some peoples opinion going out with your friend is weird but others think that you should become best friends and then go out so opinion but i think everyone should try if you really like them

Is selna Gomez dating Taylor Lautner?

i don't really know. a lot of people saying they are "hoking up" and others are saying they have bee ndating and others say they are not and that they are just friends. but who really knows besides their friends and family. and maybe Robert knows. :)

How should you act cool around your popular friends?

It really depends who your friends are, you shouldn't have to put on an act around your friends. Its best to have friends that accept you for who you are.

What should you do if you overheard your friends complaining about you behind your back?

You should tell them you thought you trusted them, and if they are really your friends they shouldn't talk about you behind your back.

What should i do if i really like this boy?

if you really like someone you should become friends with him. If you get to know him more he may find he really likes you the way you like him.

Is it weird to wear a dress to high school?

It doesn't really matter. I like to dress modest and that is what most schools require. if you feel comfortable and not showing too much skin, I say you should wear it. It doesn't matter what others think really. If it's your friends you're worried about, then those people are probably not really good friends.

What should you do if you really like the person?

Become friends, then after a while ask them out.

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If you have a guy friend that you really like and he thinks that you are just friends what should you do?

====== ====== You should tell him how you feel

How does Victoria created a newborn vampire?

become really good friends with her, then she should bite you. or if your playing her then become really good friends with someone and the option "bite" or something like that should come up.

A boy has asked you out and you have said yes but others tease you and him so what should you do?

1. If the people who are teasing you are your friends then maybe it's time to find some real friends. If you really like this boy and he really likes you then that's all you need. Just go for it! 2. If you don't really really like this boy then maybe he isn't worth the trouble and you should just get on with your life and let him down gently. Hope I've helped :) x

What should you do if there is a girl you really like but you're really good friends?

I would ask her out if i were you, the worst thing she can do is say no, right? If she does say no ask her if you can still be friends.

What should I do if if I have a crush on my best friend's crush?

if your really friends you should tell her and yall should be able to work it out

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