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This really depends on the file. If you have a useless malicious file, such as a infected downloaded file, that has no system importance, then yes, it would be recommended to delete that file. However if it is a infected system file or other important file DON'T delete it. Leave it in the virus chest and see if it is possible to repair it.

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Avast keeps calling system32 a virus what should you do?

If Avast is telling you that a file from system32 is a virus, this means that file could be infected with a virus. If you have the option, just delete the file as you would any other file through Avast; system32 tends to be subject to viruses more than other files, but Avast will usually take care of the virus without problem. However if Avast is telling you that all of system32 is infected -not just a number of files- then you should either seek professional help as this often needs to be delt with on a case by case basis. Or put it into the Avast chest because this will perserve the functionallity of the operating system, however this is not recomended.

If you uninstall avast well the virus in the chest be delete of the PC also?

The virus be undel until time. Less.

Does a virus scanner delete infected files?

Yes, or moves them to a "Virus Chest"

How can I get rid of Win32Trojangen other This virus was picked up by Avast antivirus moved it to the virus chest. It has infected the file ip6fw.sys in the folder windows system32 drivers?

Try to clean or delete it. If that doesn't work take it to a professional or restore your computer before you got the virus.

How can I get rid of Win32Trojangen was picked up by Avast antivirus moved it to chest and has infected the file ip6fw.sys in the folder windows system32 drivers?

Where is avast virus chest is located in computer?

in c drive

What is move to chest in avast virus?

The option move to chest in avast, is like quarantine the item. It moves the item to a secure and separate area, where it can't access the computer. This is a very useful feature and is good, to use if you don't know what to do with a file.

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How do you retrieve files moved to chest in avast virus?

need to put inter net security or intivirus

Is it safe to delete viruses from the virus chest?

Yes it is

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Once the virus has been detected and put into the virus chest if you delete it is the virus gone?

If you mean the 'Quarantine' section of an anti-virus software by 'Virus Chest', then after removing it from there, it is permanantly gone....

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