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You should promptly do your homework without distractions at all, calming music is fine or music that helps you think creatively, if you are writing or drawing for a class, but it is known that a person who tries to multi-task will always pay more attention to the task which carries the least amount of physical strain on the body therefore watching TV and doing homework is not suggested as you can not focus your thoughts on work over the simplicity of TV. This is down to relative perspective though and people can do what they want.
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Does watching TV while doing homework affect the time it takes to finish?

Answer . Doing homework while watching the television is multi-tasking, which splits the brain's focus and lowers efficiency. Furthermore this means that you are concentrating on two separate things, more likely to get distracted to the TV than homework because it is more enjoyable. Thus, this re ( Full Answer )

How many people watch tv while doing homework?

I don't, though many do. Answer I do not know the percentage of people who watch TV whilst doing homework but I am sure it is quite high. I used to watch TV whilst doing homework but that was because there was no where else where I could sit down apart from the dining room table. Eventually we got ( Full Answer )

How much TV should a child watch per week?

Some say that young children should not watch any TV. School age children can watch limited amounts, but for school days, no more than a half hour, since there are so many other things to be done before bed on school nights.

Would you rather do homework or watch TV?

I being a high school student would always watch TV rather than homework. We get too much and need a break of the massive loads. Watching TV would be free time which we don't get enough of free time because of homework.

Why you watch TV?

If you r bored you can watch t.v. .T.v. keeps you company because it has lotsa movies and programmes!!!!!! .

Should children watch TV?

Some t.v. is acceptable. I recommend a v-chip to block inappropriate shows.. ANSWER: . Of course they should, how else will advertisers get their products sold. Children don't read newspapers.

Should teens watch TV news?

ABSOLUTELY! If for no other reason than to learn about internet predators. There is a lot of news that applies to teens that just might mature them a bit earlier than worrying about what someone texted about them to their boyfriend's brother's girlfriend's sister's boyfriend. There have been news ar ( Full Answer )

Should children watch anything on television?

i think that if they wish to, they should be able to. Another view: It seems the first answer was either written by a child, a person who has no children, or has no interest in the well being of their children. NO - children should NOT be allowed to watch anything they want. While it's perfect ( Full Answer )

What should you watch on television?

Billy graham Joel Osteen James Robinson Benny Hinn Kenneth Copeland Joyce Meyer Creflo Dollar Andrew Wommack and Ed Young SR. and JR. these men are inspiring as much there wives, joy giving, uplifting people unlike the news and most secular channels.

Who should you watch on tv?

Charles Stanley, Andrew wommack, joyce Meyer, ed young, creflo dollar, Robert shuller, billy graham, jentezen Franklin, Michael youseff, James Robinson, perry stone, kenneth hagin, kenneth copeland, and Jonathan falwell god bless you. Answer: Watching TV is a tool in preparing yourself for lif ( Full Answer )

Why shouldn't you watch television while you do your homework?

You shouldn't do anything to distract you fromyour work! That includes: . TV . Cellphones (just the little alert that you have a text messageor facebook notification or email is distracting) . Internet (just having it on in the background makes you want tostart surfing) . People talking to yo ( Full Answer )

Who are watching TVs?

TVS, otherwise known as Television Sydney (, is an Australian free-to-air community television channel with an average monthly audience in excess of one million viewers.

Why should the time children spend watching TV be limited?

Children between the ages of 3 and 5 are at a critical stage in brain development for the development of language and other cognitive skills. The extent to which heavy television viewing can influence the development of brain neural networks, and displaces time the child would spend in other activit ( Full Answer )

Why you should not watch tv?

you can watch some tv shows theres alot of good things like cartoons like adventure time and the garfield show and some fantasy movies like harry potter and more :) not all tv is bad

Should children be banned from watching tv?

No, there are a lot of educational shows for children to watch on TV. However, you might want to consider limiting their time in front of the TV and encourage them to do something more active.

How much tv should you watch?

It doesn't matter, as long as you get doen anything you need to get done before watching T.V.

Why should society avoid watching television?

First of all, I think it gives people a false sense of reality - everyone thinks their lives should be just like on TV. Second, I suspect it can cause depression - for the same reason as above. Finally, I think it is a big time-waster, ever notice how time flies by when the TV is on? People should ( Full Answer )

Should parents allow their kids watch violence on TV?

Violence is a broad category. Certain types of violence stem from instinctive modules designed for many different purposes. Now every kid develops at a different rate and reaches a different conlclusion in brain developement based on factors such as age, race, environmental stmuli. The child around ( Full Answer )

Why should kids watch TV?

kids should watch TV because some of the programs are telling kids to get out and be active and make thing and the TV can inspire kids to do what they do.

Should you watch tv in the dark?

This is down to individual response. Watching TV at night or in the dark is thought or accepted to cause the person to stay awake longer and trouble going to sleep as out of the colors you see on a television, you see the color blue most often. The color blue reacts to our bodies biologically indica ( Full Answer )

Should you watch tv if you have a headache?

Probably not if it makes your head hurt worse. Sometimes watching TV can act as a distraction to the pain and can actually be helpful. Each patient is different from the next. For best advice, seek the help of a physician or headache specialist.

Why should televisions be turned off when writing homeworks?

You should turn off everything that distracts youand keeps you from concentrating - that includes: . TV . Cellphone - even the little alerts for text and email distractyou . Internet - just having it on in the background makes you wantto check Facebook or your email . Music - except for very ( Full Answer )

When do watch TV?

At 3:00 take a 10 to 15 minute break every hour. Watch it until 8:30 if you want.

Which tv chanels should children watch why?

1 or younger - 5 could watch Nick Jr or Boomerag. 6 - 9 could watch Nickolodean. 10 - 14 could watch Cartoon Network or Nick. 15 - 19 can watch teen nick. 20 and up can choose

Should you watch TV?

It depends if there is other matters that you need to tend to. TV is not real, it is good for entertainment, but is not real life. If you are able to do real things instead, choose that.

Should children's TV be banned because of school homework?

No, there are plenty of good TV shows kids can watch - the trick isto be mature enough NOT to watch TV until you're finished with yourhomework. You can record shows you really want to watch and savethem for when you're finished working

How much tv should you be watching everyday?

it doesn't matter as long as 1 - 5 years old watches nick Jr, 6 - 11 years old watches Nickelodeon, 12 - 16 watches Disney channel, and 17 and older can pick what ever they want to watch.

Does watching tv while doing homework affect how you do it?

Of course it does! TV is one of the most distracting things in yourhouse - it keeps you from concentrating on what you're doing andyou end up not learning as much and making a lower grade than ifyou turned it off. Here are some other things that will distract you from your work: . cellphones - ev ( Full Answer )

Why should children not watch violent TV?

Children may have trouble telling the difference between reality and fantasy. Unless a child has proven themselves mature enough to make a clear distinction; they may be tempted to imitate what they see. Once a child reaches a point of maturity where fantasy and reality have clear differences and ( Full Answer )

What happens if you watch TV and do not do your homework?

If you watch television and do not do your homework, you will notget good grades, but lots worse than that, you will not developstudy skills, thinking skills, responsibility, and self disciplinethat will be the difference between being a success or failurelater in life. Also, watching television ins ( Full Answer )

What tv channel should you watch tonight?

This depends on your own person preferances, some networks have channels specific for certain interests, be sure to check with local TV listings for more information.

Should Christians watch TV?

Galatians 6:8 "For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption; but he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting." My personal advice would be not to. It is not beneficial AT ALL and actually corrupts you even more (my personal experience). Stay away from ( Full Answer )

Why should you not watch TVs in a dark room?

There is a myth that eyestrain can result from watching TV in a dark room, because the eyes adjust to the darkness of the room by expanding the irises, to let in more light, and then the brightness of the TV is excessive. I have found no evidence that this is true. It is possible to get eyestrain fr ( Full Answer )

Why should kids of age 2 Or younger shouldn't watch tv tv?

In my opinion, they should watch it every now and then, for general child development. But here are some reasons why not. .   . They become used to it and want it all the time . It could ruin their optical development, they could need glasses or something more serious late in life if they watc ( Full Answer )

How much television should a child watch?

It really depends on the age of the child. Video games and television have been proven to increase cognitive function, but there is a tipping point. I'd say two hours of television/video games a day max until they get a bit older. Try and remember that content matters as well. Children absorb everyt ( Full Answer )

Should children be allowed to watch whatever they want on TV?

Repeat studies have shown that media violence does not create violent children, but adolescents can be influenced by the things they watch. This is reflected in their speech, dress and social behaviors. I would vote no. The children in my home are restricted in regards to sexual behavior and extreme ( Full Answer )

How many people watch tv instead of doing homework?

A lot of kids think they can "multi-task" and watch TV while theywork - this never turns out as well as they think it will. Yourbrain can't concentrate on two things at once, so if the TV is on,your mind is thinking about that instead of doing your work. Thereare no actual studies on this, so there ( Full Answer )

What steps should someone take to watch tv online?

There are many services that allow TV viewing online. Some TV channels and broadcasters will allow episode streaming on their own sites. Other places to look include Netflix and Hulu.

How do you do homeworker while watching tv?

Nope you're good to go kid. In my experience, turning down the volume to a very low setting canbe just enough to keep me sane whilendoong homework, withoutactually bothering me. And as for scientific studys: I could care less. Every brain isdifferent. For me it helps. For most it may not. Just a th ( Full Answer )