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No. Most sodas and diet sodas contain caffeine which is a diurectic and takes fluid out of the body rather than replacing it. There is no substitute for water, even sports drinks such as Gatorade do not adequately hydrate the body over a long period of time, because of the sugar content.

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โˆ™ 2006-03-08 21:33:30
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Q: Should you drink several diet drinks to replace water?
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Why should athletes drink sports drinks and not pure water during vigorous traning?

Sports drinks replace electrolytes and salt that were lost during exertion.

What drink should you drink for bone health?

you should drink milk and other drinks with protein

What kind of drink should a swimmer drink?

Swimmers should drink drinks with lots of protein in. Or it should also be a drink with vitamins in it.

Why should you drink water over sports drinks?

Here's the break down of when to drink water and when to drink sports drinks: You should drink water when you are exercising for less than an hour. Your body needs hydration to replace the sweat loss, and water is the best thing for you. Sports drinks (like Gatorade, Propel, Powerade, etc.) should be drunken when exercising for more than an hour. At that point, your body needs the carbohydrates and electrolytes that most sports drinks contain in order to continue working at a high level. Overall: Drink Sports Drinks more often than water, but you should drink water along with Sports Drinks because Water keeps you hydrated, and Sports Drinks give you what's necessary to keep exercising.

What happens if a kid drinks an energy drink?

If a kid drinks an energy drink, it will most likely do nothing unless you drink several at once. I wouldn't recommend it though, as it isn't the healthiest thing to drink.

Should kids drink energy drinks?

yes they should

When should you drink sports drinks?

You should drink sports drinks after working out. They are often used by athletes to keep hydrated while participating in sports events.

Should you drink sports drinks without activity?

You can drink sports drinks anytime you want! Just atleast be walking around , Or else you will get dizy .

How do i get my parents to let me drink energy drinks?

To try and convince parents that it's ok to drink energy drinks, a child should explain to them the ingredients in them.

What drinks do thai people drink?

Because people are idiots when drink it ruins lives sothey should not drink

What drinks should you drink that are good for your teeth?

Milk is good for your teeth and so is water. But not fizzy drinks!!

What are the recommended diet and exercise plans for beginners?

If you are serious about losing weight, you should start small by gradually reducing the amount of sugars you drink. Drinks such as sodas, pops, and soft drinks contain a more than amiable amount of sugar. Replace these drinks with water.

Why do children not drink energy drinks?

Children should not consume energy drinks because the caffeine in them is harmful to their growth.

When exercising how often should you take a drink?

about three to five drinks.

What is the simple present tense of drink?

drink or drinks They drink every night. He never drinks beer.

How much water does the average American drink?

You Should Drink 9, but the average American only drinks 4.

Is a carbonated drink the same as a soft drink?

Carbonated drinks are soft drinks. But not all soft drinks are carbonated.

How long before a sport should you drink sport drinks?

About a half hour.

Can you drink red bull in pregnancy?

No all energy drinks should be avoided.

Why should you drink clear water instead of soft drinks?

it is more healthy

What type of drinks do the french Drink?


What kind of drinks do Brazilians drink?

brazilians drink loads of different types of drinks but they drink alot of alcohol

Should I drink a energy drink before bed?

No. Energy drinks makes you alert and awake. Not a helpful thing at bedtime.

Is a concentrated fruit drink a compound or mixture?

Fruit drink, either concentrated or otherwise, is a mixture of several substances.

What drinks have niacin?

Drinks that have niacin are coffee, Monster energy drink, Red Bull energy drink, Rockstar energy drink, tea, and powdered chocolate drinks.