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Eating Before or After Exercise:

  • Eat afterwards, after the cool down period. Eating puts stress on the cardiovascular system, and throwing exercise in with the deal could be dangerous.
  • You should eat both before and after exercise! When you eat before exercise, you're giving your body immediate energy to use. This isn't to say that you should have a six course meal. Something light light a flax seed whole wheat bagel with a chicken breast (white meat, no skin, no bone, no cold-cuts) If you don't eat properly before hand, your body will start to take the fat from your internal organs (instead of that midsection). After you've finish your exercise (especially if you've been doing weight lifting), it's important to eat something rich in protein and light in carbs. If you don't, your body will go into a state of hunger, and you'll be even more tempted to binge eat at the next meal.
  • You are basically tightening your muscles and burning the fat stored in your body. Everyone has a certain amount of fat stored in your body and as you exercise the fat decreases but remember there is 3,500 calories in a pound.
  • If you exercise in the morning you should have your breakfast, wait 1/2 hour to an hour and do your exercising. Just like when you want to go swimming ... eat, wait an hour, then go swimming. Otherwise, your muscles will cramp! As you know protein is the best for the muscles. I eat before exercising, wait an hour (or if I'm in a hurry I will "fast walk" to help digest my food faster) and then work-out. Eating after exercising is advisable, but I enjoy taking some protein drinks or a drink that raises my electrolyte levels. Also energy bars are fine to munch on after exercising. Just stick to 3 good meals a day. Lots of protein, green veggies, etc. Salads are wonderful to eat after exercising and not heavy on the stomach.
  • You are actually supposed to eat AFTER exercising, as your metabolic rate has increased and will use all the energy and fats from your food immediately.
  • Of course you are going to have to eat at least something (light snack) before you exercise (wait an hour before you workout after you eat to give your body time to properly digest it into your system) because where else are you going to get the energy from to fully exercise. You need something to fuel your body. It's all about training your body so it will get use to what you are feeding it so make it a routine. Eat before and after you exercise and drink plenty of water.
  • It's best not to eat within 2 hours before exercising. This is because when you eat, your glycemic index rises, your pancreas immediately releases insulin, which brings your blood sugar lower than its resting state. It's best to eat carbs within 5 minutes of exercise (snack) because carbohydrates are the fastest source of energy. Do not eat anything acidic because your body already has a hard enough time regulating pH during exercise. If you're running a marathon, it's recommended that you intake 40 - 60 grams of carbs per hour. After exercise, it's best to eat a good portion of carbs within 2 hours. This replenishes all of the glycogen that you lost during exercise. If you wait longer than 2 hours, the glycogen replenishing won't be as effective.
  • You need to eat carbs before your workout, usually about 50 grams for a 155-170 lb male. It's equally important to get 50-75 grams of carbs after your workout for the same weight (male). If you don't have enough carbs in your body during your workout you'll be fatigued and unable to perform as well. Not to mention that your body could start pulling energy from your muscles and any protein you've consumed through the day - leaving no protein for your tired muscles to be supported with afterwards. This is especially important for anyone trying to body build.
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Q: Should you eat before or after you exercise?
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Should a person eat before or after you exercise?


Should you eat before or after exercise?

You should eat first as it burns calories faster.

Is it better to eat before or after you exersice?

No you should eat after you exercise because your food is not fully digested and if u exercise before yu could get a stomach ake

What can be done about acid reflux during exercise?

Do not eat before exercise, take an antacid before exercise but more importantly, you should speak to your Doctor about this.

Do you eat before exercise or after?

You are suppose to eat after you exercise.

How long before exercise should you eat?

One should wait at least one hour after eating to exercise. Allowing your body to digest the food before working out can prevent nausea during intense exercise.

Should you exercise before you eat or after you eat?

Depending on the size of the meal, at least an hour beforehand but preferably after.

At what time should you do exercise?

Do not exercise before you eat. Your best time to exercise would be an hour or two after eating because if you exercise before you eat you are puttin in the calories you just burned off and if you wait until after you eat your body will burn off what you just ate instead of holding it in reserve.

Im 5'10 and weigh about 65kg before exercise what should I eat I do weight lifting and jogging and what type of food should I be buying for lunch?

Before exercise and wanting to stay fit you should always eat healthy as possible. For lunch try eat a salad or protein shakes something that is not heavy.

Should you eat before lifting weights?

Most athletes prefer to not eat before exercising. Though drinking fluids is often important before and during exercise.

Which action should anyone take before beginning an exercise program?

Eat a nutrition bar

What should you eat everyday?

you can eat what ever ypu want but you have to exercise move i tried it before and im still loosing weight

Should you excerise before or after you eat?

You need food for energy, but too much food before exercise will result in side-aches. Exercise is best 2 - 4 hours after a meal; a snack immediately before the exercise is also a good idea.

Should you eat dinner before exercise?

no you'll get horable cramps have a small snack of fruits or vegtables

Can you exercise before you eat?

You should eat before and after. Before because everything you eat gets burned but wait atleast abt 2 hours and then. you get some energy to. But your really suppose to eat after ward because if you over eat you can throw up easily

Is better to eat before exercise?

No it can make you throw up, or feel lazy. Try not to eat any later than an hour before you exercise.

When should you eat proteins?

After you exercise.

Do you supposed to eat before you exercise?

It depends on the kind and severity of the exercise. If you're about to exercise to the intensity of being sick, no, probably not. If it's some kind of endurance exercise you might want a "carb load" a while before you exercise. Otherwise, just listen to what your body wants. If you feel shaky when you exercise, eat a while BEFORE you start.

What kind of food you should eat to be healthy?

It depends on how old you are.Nomally people eats fruits,vegetables,salads.You need to remember to exercise before you eat and after you eat.You should exercise about 3 in a week,so you can be strong and healthy.Rememeber to do exercises so you can fit and sexy.

Should you walk your dog before they eat or after?

you should walk your dog after they eat, so once they eat they can go for a walk and let it all out... dogs often like to go for a walk after they eat because they are full and they could exercise all the food out...

What happens if you dont eat enough energy?

You will obviously have less energy. I have experimented the effects of eating and not eating before exercise. I concluded that when I have something to eat before exercise (not necessarily right before exercise) I am able to run for a longer period than when I do not consume anything.

How long after you eat should you exercise?

half hour

What should we do if you are fat?

Try to eat healthier and exercise when you can.

Should you walk before or after exercise for the best results?

You should walk or stretch before and after exercise, as a warm-up and a cool-down, for the best results.

Should you exercise before sauna or the other way around?

You shouldn't exercise heavily before using a sauna.