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First, it depends on who is the better cook. ;) Second, what does your wife do during the day? Third, look at your schedules together, talk about what you both want, and work out a compromise to address those needs and desires. Love and marriage are hard work, but it should be fun to give. When you're not the one giving, remember to acknowledge and be grateful for those gifts you do receive.

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Can you use Ajax to clean pennies?

Actually, soaking them in white vinegar for awhile should do the job.

What were your expectations for the job?

A person should expect to work in a clean and sanitary working environment. They should also expect to work in safe environment.

What type of clean-up or recovery should they expect after a hurricane?

you should expect lots of leaf and branch cleaning

What did the children in the Jamestown colony have as chores?

clean the dishes

What chores do girls do in ancient Greece?

cook and clean

In Nicaragua what do kids do as chores?

The same thing we do usually, clean house, clean outside.

What should i do you do if theres a bubble in the inside of your nostril where its pierced?

Wet a cotton ball with clean hot tap water and always clean it with hot clean tap water.thats what i did and it simply disapeared after awhile ..:) hope that helped.

What are the tasks of Cinderella around the house?

She had to clean the house and do chores

Did colonial girls clean their house or did the mother clean it?

They both took part in the chores that needed to be done

Is green pool water unhealthy?

Yes because it hadn't been clean for awhile or you don't take care of it. You should clean it right away as fast as you can. And next time be a lot cleaner clean it 3 times a week.

How can you get your mum and dad to give you money?

Maybe do some chores,or clean.

What chores can a 13 year old do around the house?

They can wash dishes,clean the bathroom(s),clean the living room,and they can clean their room.

What house chores did kids do in Ancient Greece?

carry water ,clean , go out and get food from the market , house chores until they got older.

When life throws you lemons?

You make lemonade! This *metaphore* means that you should make the best out of bad things. Kinda like when you need to do your chores when you don't want to, you should think that the house will be clean so you should do it.

Should 11 year olds pay rent?

11-year-olds should not pay rent, but they should have chores to do at home and keep their rooms clean. At that age, children would have no income to pay rent.

What were the common chores in 1700?


What chores did a Dutch kid do?

clean up after the horses and sculpt the family shoes

Why do parents make us do chores?

You are a part of the family are you not? Do you not litter and should clean up after yourself? What you call chores are things that needs to be done in a household and when old enough there is no reason why parents should do it all when they have been working all day. Everyone should help out where they can. Kids have it good because on some families they can even get paid to do chores. It's also a preparation for adult life so you know what needs to be done.

What were the womens chores in new France?

The women had to clean, cook and take care of children

How did Cinderella's sisters bully Cinderella?

they made her clean up after them and made her do all the chores.

What types of chores did Bill Clinton do as a child?

-wash the dishes -clean the house -cook

What are good ways to clean your house if your 9 years old?

Do chores around the house for money.

What house chores did Michael Jackson have as a kid?

doing the dishes and help clean up their room

What chores did pioneer children have to do?

Milk the cow, clean stalls, feed stock, fetch water

How teens can make money from their siblings?

wash their laundry, do their chores, if they have kids, watch them while they go out with friends, clean there shoes, clean their room, etc.