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Should you experience blood clots when you go to the bathroom?


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During your period it is normal to experience blood clots but if you mean when you go to the bathroom and are not on your period, then this is not normal and should be investigated. It is most likely caused by a hormonal inbalance.

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It's perfectly natural to experience clots during your period, don't worry.

You are seeing blood clots and this a very normal occurrence during your menstrual cycle. You may experience a lot of them or very little blood clots.

No if you get gray blood clots you should go straight to your local doctor they could be serious.

No excessive blood clots are not normal you should be seen by your heath care provider.

blood clots doing my period

They do not form in a blood donation because blood clots are out of our anotomy

Watery blood with blood clots can be a sign of miscarriage. You can also have an unusual menstrual cycle. If you have watery blood with blood clots you need to go to a doctor.

People get blood clots for different reasons. The most common reason why people get blood clots is because there blood is to thick and cannot function right.

No. Blood clots are part of a normal period.

Just miscarried today at six weeks. I woke up covered in blood. Went to the bathroom. I could feel the blood clots as they passed so they were pretty big. I have been aware of it for three hours and I am still passing big clots of blood.

If you are concerned about blood clots, you are not alone. Blood clots can lead to stroke, aneurysms and death. That is why it is very important to know how to recognize various blood clot symptoms. People who learn how to recognize blood clot symptoms can save their life by seeking the proper emergency medical care.Not All Blood Clots Are HarmfulFor most part, blood clots are a normal and naturally occurring process that takes place in each of our bodies. Typically, blood clots that form during the normal healing process cause no harm to our bodies, but there are instances when blood clots form for no apparent reason. Serious blood clots can form in almost any part of the body, including but not limited to the legs, heart, lungs and brain. That is why it is important to know what the various blood clot symptoms are.Blood Clot Symptoms Are Not Always Painfulpeople who know how to recognize blood clot symptoms can take the steps to seek medical attention to avoid problems. In many cases, individuals will experience symptoms, but others will experience no blood clot symptoms at all. Although a blood clot can appear anywhere in the body, blood clots commonly form in the arms, legs and lungs. Individuals who experience any pain or selling in their arms or legs, notice any visual discoloration or feel any warmth in their legs or arms should be evaluated by a doctor for deep vein thrombosis. Deep vein thrombosis is an extremely serious problem that can lead to death.Individuals experiencing blood clot symptoms in their lungs also known as a pulmonary embolism frequently experience shortness of breath, chest pain, dizziness, a fast heart beat, coughing of blood, low blood pressure and fever.What to do if You Experience Any Blood Clot SymptomsIf you experience any of the blood clot symptoms or experience any other changes that you believe are symptoms of a blood clot, you should head to the hospital for emergency care immediately. If your symptoms are too severe, you should call an ambulance right away.

If a mosquito bites you on a scab you will not get blood clots. This bite may cause major irritation but it will not give you blood clots.

Blood clots are caused by certain surgical procedures and diseases.

The element that forms blood clots is platelets.

No. However, infections can lead to blood clots, in some cases.

clots are NEVER good in blood. thrombolytics are used to break up blood clots in the bloodstream. if this doesnt answer your question then delete it and rephrase it.

My nurse said that it is normal to have some blood clots. As you begin to heel the blood clots will start to break away from the wound.

Do you mean blood clots in urine or thrombi in the blood vessels?

It is possible for blood clots inside the body to dissolve, but that is not guaranteed. If the clots are outside the body, they can eventually be removed or scratched off.

Aspirin thins the blood, which helps prevent the blood clots from forming.

No, because blood clots travel but you should look at a more professional website for that.

Plasmin is a normal substance found in the blood that breaks down clots.

In general cancer makes it more likely for a person to get blood clots.

Coagulation and thrombosis both refer to the formation of blood clots.

No, normally pain medication can not cause blood clots in your brain.

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