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throw it away case the toiet will get clgged common sense No-one is suggesting large joints of beef! What I want to throw down the toilet, as I can't compost them, and they go manky in the rubbish are things like rice, pasta, scraps of food after a party. Of course I don't routinely throw these things away, but sometimes the best laid plans.... Anyway I always break it up so it won't clog the bog.

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Q: Should you flush leftover food down the toilet or should you throw it away?
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Can you flush the toilet?

You always should after you use it.

Should one flush toilet before or after washing her hands?


What should you do with your dirty period pads?

Wrap them up in toilet paper or in a nappy bag and throw them away. Don't flush them down the toilet because they won't flush and will clog the loo.

What colour is pee?

Yellow. And you should know this considering that you see it everytime you go to flush the toilet!

Why do all of these small air bubbles like an Alkaselzter tablet keep flowing into the toilet after I flush it?

Small air bubbles in the toilet after you flush could indicate a clog. The clog may not yet be big enough to stop the toilet from flushing but you should take care of it before it gets worse. You should get an auger to clear the clog.

What happens when you flush the toilet in a blackout?

you flush the toilet

The toilet tank is not filling with water. In fact I don't hear running water. What should I look for?

you should try to look in the back of the toilet and search for any clogs in there while you flush it. if that isn't the problem then i don't know what it is

When you flush your toilet the water fills so slowly the flapper leaks what should you do?

remove and install a new filler valve and get a proper flapper for your toilet at a plumbing supply

When you flush a toilet should you leave the seat down or not?

Depends, do you live with Women? if so the answer is usually yes. If not do whatever you want.

Should a toilet tank set flush on the wall?

No. It needs room to move. At least a two inch clearance is preferable.

What should you do with your dead turtle?

Kill It! kidding... you should find out what is happening to it and try to help it to keep alive, or leave it alone

What should you do if you have not flushed an upstairs toilet for about five months and the bowl is now completely dry?

Yes you can flush it. It's possible for a toilet trap to go dry after that much time. When you flush just make sure you check to see if the bowl is leaking.