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How long should you be together before having children?

Parnets should be together for maybe two years before having children but if they are ready to have children then they should and when i say ready i mean a steady job good income and a house.

Did Eve eat the apple before or after having children?

before having children.

You started taking the pill before your period was regular Will this prevent you from having children?

You should take "the pill" for at least one full cycle for you, or to be on the safe side 30 days, before having unprotected sex. This will allow the pill to have enough time to be effective. If you are asking if the pill will cause to not have children, when you are ready to have children at a late time, then no. It will not prevent you from being able to have children.

Is having children rough on a marriage?

Having kids is something that is natural and both people in a relationship have some of an idea about. You should feel comfortable with the person before starting a family. You should sit down and discuss the responsibilities of having kids. A baby is a joy and can effect a couple in a positive or negative way. If the children are rough on the marriage it depends on the couple. Yes kids are loud, and it seems they never sit still, and they sometimes want to make you rip your hair out they are a joy. Having children is a tea effort, and both people should understand the effort before they start the family.

What were the names of the children of Romeo and Julliet?

Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet both died before having children.

What should a cancer patient who is having an orchiectomy do if he plans to have children?

Patients who are having an orchiectomy as treatment for testicular cancer should consider banking sperm if they plan to have children following surgery.

Should you be married before deciding to have kids?

Although it appears this new generation have children before marriage or they decide just to live together, yes, it's better to get married before having children. It's important to commit to each other instead of just moving in with each other and having children. When a child is old enough they often can be ridiculed by other children because they don't carry their father's last name. Young couples that have children before marriage usually end up where the young mother is a single mother.

Are Jon and Kate Gosselin grandparents?

No. Jon and Kate Gosselin are not grandparents. Their children are all under the age of 12, so it should be a few years before their children start getting into serious romantic relationships and having children of their own.

What should you write in the paragraph having children as the topic?

write about your children what you like about children what you don't write about what they like to do and their features

Should you fly right before having carpal tunnel surgery or any surgery?

There should be no problem flying before having carpal tunnel syndrome surgery.

Who should go for genetic counseling prior to having children?

parents should go to counseling

Should a absent father pay for his children if he does not work?

Having children is the financial responsibility of all fathers employed or not.

When to execute a will?

When you have something to protect. Typically one should have a will on marriage and on having children.

Should children fast for Lent?

Young children shouldn't but once they get to the age of having made their First Holy Communion, they can.

How old should German Shepherd be before having puppies?

They should be at least one year old before you start breeding with them.

How important is it to have a spouse before having children?

yes! All life is important and amazing. DO NOT DO AN ABORTION.

At what age should you be before having intercourse?

Preferably when you're married.

When should you stop eating before having your wisdom teeth removed?

You should have no food or water 6 hours prior to surgery if you are having anesthetic.

Can you have children if you have an STD?

More than likely you will still be able to have children if you had a STI.You can, more than likely, have kids with a STD.Many STDs do not prevent people from having children. But usually, the main concern with STDs isn't so much having children, but whether one should even participate in sexual intercourse due to the risk of spreading the disease.Anyone with an STD should consult a doctor and seek treatment before engaging in sexual activity of any kind.

When should your husband and you decide to have kids if you have been married for two years?

* This is something you should discuss between the two of you. Some people want children right away; some prefer to work towards a goal of buying a house before they have children; other may want to stay in their careers for a few more years before having children. Some couples find it difficult to decide when the right time is to have children and there will always be excuses such as: working longer; wait to get a new car; more vacation trips, etc. Both of you have to decide if children fit into your lifestyle at this point in time. The upside to having children is many parents wonder why they did not have their children sooner. Children are a blessing and unfortunately, a young woman's biological clock goes by at such a rapid rate. Doctors are doing studies on women 40 years and up having children and the later one leaves having their children the more risks involved. Children take a lot of energy so it's wise to have your children in your 20's or 30's.

Should you discuss having children with your fiance before getting married?

Yes you should. You want to make sure your both on the right track before making a decision like marriage. if you want kids, and he doen't then this could be a huge issue to overcome in a marriage, and maybe then you should consider whether or not he is in fact who you want to marry.

Is having a daughter good or bad?

Having children is a choice. Having children is a good thing.

Is it normal to start menstruation at 8?

No you should consult a doctor as it can be a tumor. You should also get the medication a doctor prescribes to stop the period because if not your child will go through menopause early before she if legal of having kids and cannot have children.

Does the Bible say in the last day children will be having children?

The bible does not say anything like this . But it clearly states that children will disobey theirparents and Moral of these children will be bad. Like in Noahs days before the flood.

How old should your Min Pin be before having her spayed?

about 6 months