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Hamsters do not NEED vitamins unless they are sick, but it doesn't hurt to give them vitamins.

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Q: Should you get hamster vitamins
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Should you get any vitamins for your hamster?

Providing that your hamster has fresh fruit and veg daily, then it shouldn't need it. You can purchase blocks to supply them with it but more often than not they just ignore these.

Why does hamster eats its own poop?

Because it is shaped as there vitamins.

Can you give a hamster juice?

You can if you want you want your hamster to get very sick!! You should be giving them fresh tap water that is safe to drink. You also have an option to add a vitamin supplement to the water which gives it additional vitamins to help keep him/her healthy.

Will a hamster starve if it doesn't have any teeth?

not exactly. If it is your hamster feed it stuff like banannas that are mushed up. or buy vitamins that go into the water.

What kind of hamster food gets the urine not smelly?

None. Hamster food is packed with nutrients and vitamins. It is when these are processed through the body that they create that smell.

How often should a hamster be cleaned?

A hamster cage should be cleaned weekly.

Why should you hold your hamster?

You should hold your hamster regulary because then the hamster you may have will become used to you and also fond of you this will make the hamster more happy and it will also be more fun to your hamster.

What temperature should you keep your hamster in?

i think you should keep your hamster between 75 to 81

How do you entertain hamsters?

You should get a hamster wheel and a hamster ball, and you should play with it once a day.

What should you do with the hamster when changing the bedding?

You should put your hamster in a safe place, or have someone else hold it for you. If you have a hamster ball, let your hamster exercise in that while cleaning out it's bedding.

You dropped your hamster about 2 foot on grass?

If a hamster was dropped on 2 foot of grass, the hamster should not suffer from any damage. If the hamster got away then food can be put down and the hamster should come back.

How many vitamins should you take if you're eleven?

You should eat two vitamins.

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