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Should you give 6-week-old puppies water or should you keep them on milk?

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its good if they have water available at all times-cold water too. most pups are not crazy about water left out all day.. 6 weeks is usually when the bigger Dog Breeds are weaned and not all moms will brake the weaning either. You should have water avalible at all times for pups. They should be drinking a little water by now. Some people will ween pups at 6 weeks old. If your pups are large breed then weening at 6 weeks should be fine. For the smaller breeds I would wait another week. You can also let the mother ween them. Just be sure and start them on a good quality PUPPY food. This should be dry food. You can get small bites if you have a tiny pup. Wet food is not good for dogs. It has a lot less nutrients in it. The dry is a lot better for them. Be sure and go to the vet and get them some wormer. You can also start there shots at this time. If you have any questions you should be able to ask your vet. Good luck and have fun with your pup. They should have started drinking water a couple of weeks before this point. Mothers milk is still just fine though (in addition to water). However, steer away from giving them milk in a dish... dog are lactose intollerent, and once they've been weened they shouldn't be offered milk. As for wormer... DON'T! It's poison. Never worm a pregnant bitch, and never worm a young puppy. It can cause permanent damage. Try crushed pumpkin seed... added to food it's a natural wormer. As far as food is concerned... that's another can of worms (pun intended). Do some research into the BARF (biologically appropriate raw foods) diet. It's a much better option than either dry or canned foods. We were told by our vet to always worm the pregnant bitch which we did for the last 3 wks of pregnancy. We have wormed our puppies at 2,5 and 8 wks. Worms are a very common cause of death for newly born pups.

2007-10-16 21:26:48
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When can puppies have water?

Puppies and dogs should have access to fresh water at all times

Should puppies always have access to water?


When should puppies have food and water?

Whenever they are thirsty or hungry......

What age should you feed puppies water?

From 4-6 weeks a pup should be offered water and sloppy food.

How much water should you give your boxer puppy?

All dogs, puppies should have a constant supply of fresh, clean water.

Should you give 6 week old puppies water or should you keep them on milk?

try a mixture then go all in with water

Should puppies drink milk?

yes what else other then water

Should you give 4 week old puppies water?

Yes,it's important for them to have water.

When can you give a puppy water?

Puppies, like all dogs, should have access to water at all times.

When can puppies drink water?

A puppy should be introduced to water as you start to wean it onto solid foods.

What do German shepherd drink?

Dogs should only drink clean water, or if they are young puppies, they should drink their mother's milk. If the mother has abandoned the puppies, sometimes they are given a special puppy formula.

Can you give water to newborn puppies?

The newborn puppies should be nursing from their mother, they get all the liquid they need from her the first two or three weeks.

Can you give 4 week old puppies porridge by diluting the milk with water?

you should introduce sold foods slowly to puppies, with milk and water give them a little then once there ok with the difference from just milk give them more. they should be ok.

Can you feed 2 week old puppies water?

You should have some fresh water available for the puppies, but it is extremely unlikely they will drink any of it. At two weeks old, puppies are still 100% dependent on their mother's milk for all their nutrition and don't need (and can't drink) water from a dish. However, the water should be available for the mother, and you want the puppies exposed to dishes of water so they become used to associating getting a drink from the dish.

Should you give 18 day old chihuahua puppies water?

I'm not a dog expert but I don't think that giving young puppies water should be advised, let them drink from their mother, if you don't have a mother with the puppy give him milk, unpasteurised is probably best.

When is a puppy expected when in labor?

Well, that means that your dog's water has broken, and the puppies should not be far away.

What age do puppies eat puppy chow?

At 3 months you should slowly starts giving the puppy puppy chow (hard food). Moisten it with water at first (until it is not hard and soft in the middle) and then after a week of moistening it with water, you should make it so it is harder in the middle, and then after a week of that you should try giving the puppies hard puppy chow.

How long should you walk a puppy?

Puppies should be walked from 20 - 30 minutes or more. Puppies excrete more than full - grown dogs, and should be taken out as many times as possible, such as 3 - 5 times a day, after they eat or drink a lot of water or every 45 minutes.

Can a seven week old pitbull puppie drink water?

By all means!! Puppies should be introduced to water along with puppy food when they're being weaned, so seven week old pups should definitely be getting water, as they should be completely weaned by that age.

Should you give sugar water to puppies?

No, you should not! Sugar is not something that should be regularly consumed by dogs, since it can lead to large health issues like obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Even fruit intake should be limited.

Can you get a puppy wet?

Some puppies will enjoy playing in water and others will not; though you should avoid getting them wet before they are weaned.

Should you give 3 week old puppies water?

No, the mother will provide them with milk, but you should provide the mother with plenty of fresh water, so that she can continue to produce milk for her pups. If the mother refuses to nurse, or she isn't properly producing you should see your vet and/or consider getting a puppy formula substitute and hand-feeding the puppies. Their digestive systems aren't quite set-up for cow milk yet either.

When will the newborn hamster need water?

The puppies leave their mother after three weeks and so will nees water at this age. It should still be supplied in the cage for the mother hamster though.

At what age can puppies start to have water?

as soon as they start on a non-milk diet so when they stop having milk from their mum. fresh water should be available at all times

Bathing a puppy after birth?

The mother should be able to handle cleaning up her puppies. If not, you can use a warm damp washcloth to bathe the puppies. They should not be immersed in water soon after birth, as they are not able to control their head muscles and could aspirate water into their lungs. Also it is not a good idea to use soap of any kind on them at such a young age, unless a veterinarian directs you to do so.