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I wouldn't an employer can have that info when they hire me.

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Q: Should you give your drivers license number on a job application?
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looking for my drivers license number?

looking for my drivers license number

What is looking up a driver's license number?

A drivers license number is the number on your drivers license which is needed for many things. Only authorized people have access to this number so a random person cannot 'look up' your drivers license number

If you have a persons Social security number and drivers license number can you find his drivers license number?

If you have someone's Driver's License number you no longer need to find his driver's license number. Try restating the question.

How to obtain drivers license number by name address and social security number?

How to obtain drivers license number by name address and social security number?

How do you find out your drivers license number if you lost your drivers license?

The DMV or your local department that issues licenses should have you on file. If you just bring them two forms of ID, such as your social security card and passport, they should be able to look you up and find your driver's license.

Are commercial drivers license the same as operators license number?


Can you get a new drivers license number?

no way

How can I get my driving licence number?

If it is really your drivers license number that you want, and you are not trying to pull something here (sorry but there are scam artists out there), then contact the police and report that you wallet and drivers license are missing. They can run a license check and get the drivers license number for you..Your auto insurance company will also have that info on file!!

What if your drivers license number brings up an auto policy you do not own?

A drivers license shouldn't pull up an auto policy.

What do the numbers on a Pennsylvania drivers license?

A drivers license number is used to keep up with everyone. This is in every state not just Pennsylvania.

Does dmv interstate compact track drivers by license number only?

Drivers license numbers correspond to an individual's name and date of birth.

What is the Drivers License Number?

Basically, it's an identification number issued to you by the state.