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No. She just wants the other guy to be jealous. She either still likes you or is 'player'-ish.


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if the boy broke up wiff her; she wants to be friends or more than friends. if she broke up wiff him; she wants to be friend, get backk, or make another boy jealous.

Depends on the situation. but he needs to move on and things will get better.

David Henrie used to have a girlfriend but they broke up at 2008. He's been upset because he's single and he wants a girlfriend

Ignore what she says. She just wants you to wait for her. She wants to be able to come back to you, if she breaks up with her boyfriend. IF she was coming back, she would just come back and not talk about coming back.

It means that he wants to get over their relationship. It dpends on the situation, but it could mean that his girlfriend broke up with him and he just wants to forget about her.

just talk to her about it and hopes she wants to get back together

Because he wants to know if you are doing well or not and also he wants to show his ex that he's better and make you think that you regret to broke up with him.

If you dont know who the guy is then you should find out before being jealous. But if you do know the guy then you should just go have a long talk with your girlfriend because if you are jealous, your girlfriend might just break up with you.

if she is cheating on you if she says she wants to be friends if she broke up with you STUPID!!!!!!! use ur common sense

Well, depends, if you broke up with her, and she wants you back, then I would let her go gently, especially since you have a girlfriend, but if she broke up with you, then you don't have to be so gentle, she had her chance with you and she blew it, BUT if you still like her alot, and more than your current girlfriend, then I would consider dating her again, i don't recommend it, but I can't stop you. Hope this helps.

She wants to be ur girlfriend, and wants a closer relationship. She wants to be closer and wants things.

nothing if you can't trust her you don't want her!

It is none of your business anymore. You broke up with her. She is free to date whomever she wants. No it means you have to find a new friend ! Never mess with a good friend his ex girlfriend . .

Well you should be friends with him and try to be comfertable around him but iahve to warn you it will get very akward to be around him if he gets another girlfriend or lets ay you get another boyfriend

It sounds as if you both should take a little time away from her. That will give her time to realize how she actually feels, and save you from getting hurt. Wait maybe a month, then if she still wants to be with you, it may be okay or you to give her another chance.

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