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No! Your friends or future friends will always be part of your life, and no man/woman should ever come between these relationships. If a person has nothing to hide they would not have a problem going out with your friends. On the other hand, if you constantly want your friends hanging around, then I can see his point (a little goes a long way) or perhaps, you're friends are not the type of people he chooses to hang around with. You'd better both start communicating and it's best you ask him straight out why he doesn't like going out with your friends and get to the bottom of this problem. If he has no specific reasons, then I'd ditch him and keep your friends. Good luck Marcy

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Q: Should you go out with a guy who said he would rather go out with you than your friends?
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Should I tell my friend I still want to be friends after I said we can't be friends anymore?

What I would sugesst is to wait a little while, and then tell them that you are sorry for what you said and ask if they want to be friends again.

You fancy your ex's best friend you asked her out but she said that she can't because of you were her friends ex what should you do?

move on no girl would go out with her friends ex unless her friend said it was ok

What should you do if you're bisexual and you asked your friends if they would hate you and they said they would?

Apparently, they are not true friends. Friends are suppossed to stick by you. If they don't agree with your sexual preferences, that's fine, but hating you because of it???? Find new friends!

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well i would tell him what your freinds said, then i would get together with your boyfriend and your friends and make sure that he acts REALLY nice.

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well, normally parties are for people that the person hosting would rather choose, and i would say that he has some strange rules

Why does my friend think people should forgive her after she said that they weren't friends anymore?

It depends why your friend said they did not like her friends any longer. Example: If the friends played a nasty trick on her or were gossiping about her and hurt her and she said negative things about them and later regretted it then she should be forgiven. If she was just nasty and did tell her friends she no longer cared for them as friends then she is immature and needs to face reality. If she wants to be friends again with them then she should face what she has done and go to each one personally and apologize to them and hopefully they will forgive her.

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I have A LOT of guys look at me that I liked and my friends said they did like me back. I would ask your friends to see if that guy likes you back. My thinking would be that he likes you! Just remember that you should ask your friends to see if they could find out if he likes you!!! )))

Should you write an email to an ex who is married and you are happy for him you said you would stay friends after you broke up should you say hello?

I am a boy and maybe, depends on the guy and the girl he married

What does it mean if your girlfriend says 'being just friends is something I could never go back to being with you'?

It means she would rather never talk to you again then be friends as she is too embarassed, i said the same to my boyfriend before we broke up last week

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try talking to his guy friends and maybe he will start to talk to you again....or ask one of his friends to talk to him for you

A boy moved and he got my friends and asked her out a lot she said no then he got my and asked me out today I kinda like him my friend that he asked out says to say yes to him what should I do?

i would of punsh her in the face if she said yea

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The truth is always the best. :-)

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If I like a boy but he is ugly and I don't want my friends to find out what should I do?

You should not care what your friends think if you like him. Pulse if they are really friends then they will want you to bee happy and if being with him makes you happy then they should be happy for you. the easiest thing to do would be to forget about this boy and not tell your friends. why do you like him? there must be something about him that isn't ugly or you wouldn't like him, right? maybe it's something that your friends could see as well. you haven't said why you don't want your friends to know, would they react unkindly or are you just a little embarrassed?

Should you kiss your best friend even though she says she just wants to be friends?

I think you should but make it just a quick kiss on the lips. She just said she didn't want to be more than friends. Leave it at that. Doing so anyway would just make it awkard and may make her mad. I know I would be mad if one of my guy friends did that.

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Not really insecure but feel offended as that is rather rude. You should bring this up to him and make him realize what he said and that it was rather rude. No boyfriend should be telling you such a thing and I would even say that it warrants a break up because that is honestly rude. I would never ever see a reason where that would be warranted.

I really don't know about this boy i love He seems that he doesn't love me And today my friends said that who would you rather go out with me or susan and he picked susan does he really mean that?

Unfortunatly yes. He is a git.

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I said i hated him but i didn't mean it and now im really sad.what should i do?

If you told him that then you need to tell him that you were in a bad mood and you didn't mean it and that you would still like to be friends.