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NO! I went out with my best guy friend and we broke up and now we hate each other! DO NOT go out with your best guy friend! It ruins everything! Even if u guys promise each other to still be friends once you break up it IS NOT TRUE SO DON'T GO OUT WITH YOUR BEST GUY FRIEND EVER!

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Your best guy friend asked you out What should you do?

If you want to, then the thing to do is to go out with him.

What can my friend do if she likes this guy but he has a girlfriend which is her best friend but then a guy she kinda likes asked her out what should she do?

go with the guy she kinda likes if she goes with the other one her friend will get mad at her and not talk to her anymore and you should let your friend be happy with her boyfriend

How do you tell your best guy friend that you think your in love with him?

You should sit down and talk and talk about your feelings but the guy should go first !

What is a homeboy?

Like a friend or best friend your go to guy

How should a girl ask a best guy friend out?

Answer If this guy is your best guy friend, there shouldn't be any problem with you simply walking up to him and telling him that you love being his friend, but if he doesn't have any objections you'd like it to go further and now.

What if you have a guy friend and then he ask you out and you think it will be awkward then you go out and you dump him what should you do?

What if you have a guy friend and then he ask you out and you think it will be awkward then you go out and you dump him what should you do?

If a guys is your best friend who do you tell if you actually have a crush on him?

You should go tell a best friend you trust. And make sure that they won't tell anyone.

What should you do if the guy that you like him was in a relation ship with your best friend?

Suck it up. Go talk to your friend or wait till hes single. Fiind another guy.

How do you flirt with a guy you like with out your best friend knowing?

If this person is truly your best friend, you should be ok with them knowing so go ahead and flirt! XD

I think I'm falling for one of my guy best friends but he is still in love with my best girl friend?

My advice is just be there until the end... don't go trying to get the guy while your best girl friend is with him if she is and if she isn't ask her how she feels about this guy and if she doesnt mind then you should try to go after him...

What do you do if you like a guy and he already has your best friend as a girlfriend?

Did you ever mention to your friend that you like this guy? Just try to be friends with him and tell him flirty jokes. In My "Opinion" I feel you should respect their relationship. It's going to be hard to watch your best friend date the guy you like but, if you want your best friend then you will just let this guy go and move on.

You like your girlfriends best friend what should you do?

Break up with your girlfriend-it is NOT fair to her. If you want to be a GREAT guy, don't go after her best friend. Don't ruin their friendship, please. And if her best friend is a good friend, she won't go out with you anyways. Friends should come first to her. Sorry :/ Its a sucky situation

What should you do if you like a guy and you think that his best friend knows?

Its better when his best friend know then he can tell him that you like him and save some humiliation when u go and ask him.

What do you do when your best friend leaves you for his girl friend?

well if the two are dating then you should just let them be after all the guy has to like the girl and respect her, and when she needs him, he should go to her

Your best friend was dumped and all of a sudden a guy starts bothering her to go out with him and then sh tells you to go tell another guy that she likes him What do you do?

..Well your best friend obviously doesn't like him anymore, so unless you have a problem with telling the other guy that your friend likes her, then you should do it. I don't see anything wrong there.

What do you do if you like a guy that is older then you but your friends say that your best guy friend likes you?

dont go for your best guy friend i think. it depends on what you want, and most of the time a relationship with your best guy friend turns out to be a mistake, and then you've probable lost a very good friend...

How do you get a guy to be your friend?

just go up to him and be your self that should do it.

My girl best friend who I have a crush on likes my guy best friend My guy best friend knows how much I like my girl best friend and told me he doesnt like her but he acts like he does what should i do?

Try and do a double date since you like your girl best frind who likes your guy best friend and try and let them get to know each other better then see where it takes you from there.ANSWER ok ive been in this situation, and i was the girl best friend in the situation.i went up to the guy best friend and told him i liked him and then went and asked the guy best friend's friend (you) and asked him if he liked me. he said yes and we went out, but in your case, if she doesnt want to go out, you can go on crushing on her without dating her, or move on and devolop a new crush on someone else.

What if you love a guy and he loves you but your best friend hates you everytime you go out with him should you dump him or should you tell you friend if she care to let you be?

You shouldn't dump him. Your friend isn't being a very good friend. If you love him and he loves you then that's what's important. Your friend should respect that.

What if your girlfriend takes a guy best friend to sadie's?

She SHOULD be taking YOU if she's your girlfriend. If you can't go, then she shouldn't want to go I'd think

How do I tell my best friend that I like the same guy she does?

just go a head and let your friend know thta you love the guy that she does

How do you get over someone who you really like but they like your best friend?

You do your best to forget about them, I know that this sounds hard but you should try. Ask your friend to not go out with this guy because you need space away from him; they should understand. Find yourself someone better than this guy, it will be even easier then.

What do you do when you and your friend like the same guy and he likes you?

Well if he likes you, you should go for him. But since your friend like him too, you should ask your Friend.

Is it good for a guy to tell his best guy friend to ask out his dream girl?

no because if his best guy friend ask his other friends dream girl out she might think it is the guys friend. the girl could also think it is a joke or something and just walk away. it is more meaningful when the guy who wants to go out with that girl asks him herself it also shows that he is really into her so your answer is no the guy who wants to go out with the girl should ask himself

I like a guy but I don't know if we should go out because I dated his best friend that's how I met him and he probably wouldn't ask me out to be a good friend HELP?

The guy is probably being respectful since you dated his friend and does not want to cause trouble between his relationship with his friend. It may be good not to date the guy.