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Answer-- Get all your vaccinations done BEFORE you get pregnant. You don't want live vaccine viruses around while you are pregnant, because they can hurt the developing baby. Some vaccines are live viruses and other vaccines are dead viruses, so check with your doctor which is which. As long as you get pregnant about 4-6 months after your final vaccination (for a live virus vaccine) you should be OK. Also, don't let the new baby get vaccines too young, or too many all at once. "Get your immunities to common childhood diseases (mumps and measles) tested. If you received the shots during certain years and lot numbers, they might not have worked. This is to avoid birth defects. Wait a while (at least three months) after getting the shot, before you get pregnant." "Getting rubella (German measles) early in pregnancy can cause birth defects. A simple blood test can tell if you have immunity. If you are not immune, a vaccine given at least 3 months before getting pregnant will protect you from getting rubella in the future."

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Q: Should you have vaccinations before getting pregnant?
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