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Should you hit your own kid?

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This is a tough one for the fact that many people were raised this way and many do not believe in it . My son is 13 years old and had one good spanking on his butt at the age of five. I didnt beat him by any means but gave him a little age appropriate wake up call for what he did. Now, the better way to handle any misbehavior is by redirecting the problem. Stop whatever it is that they are doing that is wrong or bothering you, immediately. Then have them sit down and explain to them the right thing to do. Then let them know a age appropriate punishment, time out for the little ones, privileges being taken away for older ones. I know that this may not work all the time but you can diffuse the situation better then hitting the child. If you are out of control they will only mimic the behavior. I dont think the child should have a say in matters when the adult has already given a directive or warned the child of what they should and should not be doing. Kids will be kids and we have to teach them and guide them of making the right decisions at all times. My son at age 13 should know what I expect from him by now, so if he talks back or gives me a problem with doing something that is asked of him, he gets a privilege taken away or doesnt get something that is important to him and has to wait. It is a give and take situation. If you need some age appropriate suggestions the library has great books on all different techniques. I know it may seem like alot of work but you will not feel good about yourself as a parent if you use hitting as an answer to their immature behavior. Good luck and be patient.

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