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It depends on what the doctors said not to worry about. If the pill is causing you side effects which you aren't happy with, then change your contraceptive pill. But if your not happy with taking a certain medication, always change if possible or speak it over with your doctor.

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โˆ™ 2005-12-09 19:37:35
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Q: Should you keep taking the pill if your doctor and obstetrician said not to worry about it?
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If your doctor tells you that your temperature is 310 k should you worry?

If your doctor tells you that your temperature is 310K should you worry explain your answer?

Red blood spotting at 13 weeks pregnant but only after sex should i worry?

You don't have to worry about spotting. You should worry about a heavy flow. You should also talk to your doctor.

What can you do to get puberty?

Just wait for it. If you haven't reached puberty at 18 you should see a doctor but until then you have nothing to worry about. Don't worry, it will come.

Should you worry if the doctor hears two heartbeats?

If it is your own, yes. If it is fetal, no. You have twins.

Why should you worry if your temp is 96.6?

In most cases, there is no reason to worry when your body temperature is 96.6. If you are sick and have a low temperature, you need to check with your doctor. The doctor can check your medical history and diagnose the cause.

You are 8 weeks pregnant and am having very watery discharge should you worry?

When you talk to your doctor/nurse/hospital/etc. tonighton the phone, they can tell you if you should worry.

What happens when you get cancer?

it does not matter you should not worry about it but you should just go see a doctor if you ever feel woozy or sick!

What should I tell my doctor if I think I may have colon cancer?

Simply tell your doctor of your worry about colon cancer. You will need to describe your symptoms.

What happens if you put a tampon in wrong?

Don't worry, nothing will happen! You should just take it out and start again. If you are having difficulty taking it out trying wetting your vagina with water, it will help it get out. If it is really stuck, which is highly unlikely, then you should go to your doctor and see what you can do.

Should you be worried if your periods 1 day late?

yes and no. if you have been sexually active two weeks prior to your expected period you should wait a week before going to the doctor or taking a home pregnancy test. if not theres nothing to worry about, it should be coming the next day!

If im drug tested for opiates and i am taking vicodin and lorcet but am prescribed it. Should I worry about anything else?

As long as you have a legit prescription from a doctor, and you are only using the drugs you have been prescribed, there should be no problem. You will need proof of a prescription, I'm sure, but other than that, you should be fine.

If you go to the doctor and they check if you are pregnant and it comes back negative should you worry about it?

No you shouldn't because if it's negative then that means that you are not pregnant so you don't need to worry about it unless it comes out as positive if this happens then you should go to the doctor and have them check as well just incase it was wrong.

Should a young male worry about testicular cancer?

While he should not "worry" about testicular cancer, every male from puberty until 40 should give himself testicular exams and report any bumps or lumps to his doctor.

How many pounds should a baby boy weigh?

On average between 5-9 lbs but all babies are different and as long as the doctor says they're healthy then i wouldnt worry about it The doctor will tell U if you have something to worry about

Where should you go if you have a health worry or need advice about staying healthy?

You can either talk to a doctor or a physician.

Will ciprofloxacn help lumps in armpit?

if you have lumps in your armpits, you NEED TO SEE A DOCTOR. like, QUICK. you have a severe infection, or WORSE let the doctor worry about which drugs you should be taking.. you shouldn't be "prescribing" your own drugs, ANYWAY. you can really mess things up if you don't know what you're doing.

Why do you get flushes at 66 they had stopped for a no of years. Is there anything to worry?

It shouldn't be a problem, but you should go see your doctor if it worries you.

You were told by a doctor that you have a bubble in your duodema and not to worry abiut it But it is bothering you should you be concerned?

If you are concerned, get a second or third opinion.

Should you worry about taking a cruises in Hurricane season?

Absolutely, not because of personal safety, but because of disruption of your trip.

What if you have a miscarriage?

You should go see a doctor; if the miscarriage is incomplete or there are complications, you have infection & other medical issues to worry about.

I looked at my penis and there was a red like bit conecting it to the skin of my penis should i worry about tht?

Yes...go to the doctor.

Meaning of taking care of home first?

It means that you should sort out your own problems before you worry about anybody elses.

Which job is more secure A Doctor or Engineer?

Engineer.... Doctor's have to worry about malpractice

Why instead of white it is yellowish jelly coming from vagina after intercourse and taking i pill?

If in any doubt see your doctor, or the practise nurse. Don't worry, just find out.

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yes you should probably worry.