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no because if you realy love him you will waita bit longer mabey try agin in a couple of months.

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Does Johnny Depp believe in marriage?

Depp was married once and engaged to be married at least four times, and to me that is a strong sign that he does believe in marriage.

Should you live together before marriage?

You are getting married, living together before the marriage is just taking the thrill and excitement out. Better get married first then live together.

When did Charlotte church get married?

Charlotte Church has not been married. There was discussion of marriage between her and long term boyfriend Gavin Henson. Despite having a long term relationship and children together, the couple never married.

If you and your boyfriend been together for 5 years are you technically married?

No. Some states have "common law" marriage decrees but it really depends on where you live, but even in that case you are not technically married in the complete full sense of marriage. Being married entails much more than just being together, and it should be a commitment between the two of you to spend your lives together with some sort of legal ceremony/paperwork. It may feel like you are married but marriage honestly changes things a lot.

If your mother's aunt married your boyfriend's dad's uncle are you related?

You would be related by marriage if you married your boyfriend.

If me and my boyfriend aren't suppose to be together how do we get married?

You don't.

You are pregnant with your boyfriend who is illegally here from Mexico can you get married?

The safest way to do this would be for you guys to get married in Mexico then apply for the marriage visa. I believe it's 4-9 months for the paperwork to get processed. That way, he can be in the states legally and you guys can be married. =)

Why be married by a pastor?

Some people believe marriage is an institution created by God, and therefore they want to get married by a pastor. But it is not necessary to get married by a pastor for your marriage to be legal.

How long does a 17 year old girl have to live with her boyfriend to be common law married to him?

In the US: 1) most states no longer recognize common-law marriage 2) even in the states that do recognize it, it takes more than merely living together to be common-law married. 3) I don't believe a *minor* can enter into a common-law marriage anyway (but it might depend on the state).

What is the difference between get married and to be married?

To get married is the process of marriage (planning, ceremony, consummation. To be married is the life together after the ceremony.

Does halley berry have a boyfriend?

Halle Berry does not have a boyfriend. She married Olivier Martinez on July 13, 2013. This is her third marriage. She was previously married to David Justice and Eric Benet.

Are you really common law married in Alabama if you lived with your boyfriend for only 5 years?

no but if u have lived with your boyfriend then you would only be allowed to be married in a court. You can not be married in a church because marriage is about being patient and waiting after you are married.

Are you ready for marriage after dating your boyfriend for nine years and having two children together?

I would think so, you're more married than most married people now. I would think so, you're more married than most married people now.

Is bigfoot married?

Bigfoot is not Married

Is Omar bravo married?

not yet, but I believe he was close to marriage in December 2008.

How can you prove an unlawful marriage for citizenship?

The only way you can prove someone married for citizenship is by knowing facts personally. My boyfriend married a woman when we were not together and then him and I had a child together. I did not find out until after the child that he was married. He and I had been on and off in relationship to one another for several years. I was angered and knew many facts and wanted to get the woman deported.

Is moving in together if you are not married okay?

yes, it is perfectly fine. Girlfriend and boyfriend can stay together if they want to.

What is the difference between an expectant boyfriend and a nonjudicial boyfriend?

An expectant boyfriend would be if you and your bf live together and you are expecting. Non-Judcial BF means that you are living together not married and you arent pregos.

What do christians believe when they get married?

Genuine Christians (or might we say 'true' Christians) believe that marriage is 'sacred'. They believe that Jehovah God invented marriage, creating both a male and a female; and then performing the first marriage in the Garden of Eden.Christians believe that what God has 'yoked together', -- 'no one should separate.'Christians believe that you should not have sex, before that marriage; but only after marriage; therefore 'chasteness' is important to Christians.Christians believe that the partners in a marriage should fulfil their God-assigned duties and roles.They should also treat each other with deep love, and respect; according each other dignity.

Are the band members of the white stripes a married couple?

They married, formed the band, then divorced, but kept the band together. You can find their marriage and divorce documents online, I believe. Jack White has recently remarried; he has one child.

Is living together before getting married better for the marriage?

The numbers indicate NO!

What is love before marriage?

love before marriage is when you see love at first sight and stay together until you get married

What is a common law marriage?

* Common Law Marriage is when partners are living together and have not married and registered as a married couple. Still, in some States you are considered married and will pay taxes, etc., as such and if you should terminate the relationship you may have to divide any assets you both have together.

Sex before marriage?

Well, I believe in sex before marriage. One of my uncles has 2 children but he's not married.

What is meaning of living together as man and wife?

It means the man and woman are married. They must live together after their marriage.