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Your baby snapping turtle would have night and day in the wild, so in your terrerium, it also needs darkness, but the tank still needs to maintain the same temperature. You can get heat globes that don't generate light, so a good idea might be to have a light emitting one also, and to switch them over at night time, so your turtle has a healthier environment and better chance of survival.

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Q: Should you leave your light on your baby snapping turtle 24 hours a day?
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How do you find snapping turtle eggs?

you don't you leave them alone and let them hatch

When does a snapping turtle leave its mom?

im not sure i just want to know because i took a snapping turtle ( from children who found it) and kept it for 2 weeks then i decided to let it go im not sure iff it will survive or not or if its mother left her for good!

What do you do when a snapping turtle goes in your backyard?

Normally you would want to leave it alone and it should leave on its own. But if you have some experience handling animals and it is really bothering you, you could grab it by its tail and shell behind the head, where it can't reach you to bite, and move it.

Should you keep on a red eared sliders light on 24. 7?

NO!!! That can definatley harm the turtle. only leave it on for about 10-13 hours a day!

How long for snapping turtle eggs to hatch?

how long does it take for turtle eggs to hatchanswer - about 6 to 9 weeksIt takes 60-90 days for a snapping turtle egg to hatch. usually August or September. If you find an egg in the water and it has been there more than an hour it won't hatch. if you find eggs on the road or the ground (if a mother turtle was hit by a car for example) as long as the eggs are not damaged , bury them 4-6" in a warm place and leave them. If you dig up a turtle nest, leave it alone.

Can a snapping turtle hurt you?

Depends! It can't hurt you if you leave it alone. If you get too close to it's mouth it can bite you and that would hurt. However a snapping turtle has never been found that was armed with a gun or knife or any other weapon that could hurt you and there have never been any reports of snapping turtles kidnapping children or piloting an airplane into skyscrapers, or committing suicide bombings of any kind. However it is very easy to hurt a snapping turtle. You can run over it with a car, picking it up by the tail can hurt it, and polluting it's habitat will kill it.

Should you dig up eggs of a snapper turtle that should have hatched by now?

no, just leave them there

What should you do if you find turtle eggs?

leave them they find there own way to water

How long can a baby snapping turtle stay under water?

Adult snapping turtles can stay under water for 40-50 minutes. I have a baby snapper and he stays under for about 10-15 minutes. I know he can hold his breath for longer but it is really just a choice thing. If a snapping turtle knows that a potential predator is near by then he may stay down for 20 minutes or more. If a baby snapper is comfortable with his environment then he may leave his head above water or come up every minute or so.

What hours should you leave the light on for fish?

Leave the light on during daylight hours, and turn it off at nightime.

What should you do if your turtle is dying?

Kill It! kidding... you should find out what is happening to it and try to help it to keep alive, or leave it alone

Can a turtle leave its shell?

No, a turtle cannot leave it's shell. It is attached to the inside of the shell. It will however keep growing bigger as the turtle grows bigger.

How long should you leave the basking light on for your RES turtle?

Actually turtles need about 10-14 hours, so you could leave it on during the evening and then turn it off in the morning. Or, you could keep it on during the daytime & turn it off at night.

Do snapping turtles leave there babies behind after birth?

Yes, snapping turtles do not care for their young after they are hatched. They are left to fend for themselves.

Do male snapping turtles leave the water?

they often cross the dessert

What did the turtle leave behind in hatchet?

The turtle left behind was some eggs

How long should you leave kool aid dye in your hair?

you should leave it in for a couple of hours, that way the color has time to sink in.

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Should you keep a baby snapping turtle if you find it?

Absolutely not! If you find one, put it in a swampy damp and cool area, and leave it alone! Of course keep it away from predators (i.e. Hungry puppies and hawks), and if it looks thirty give it some water. Its best not to touch it or play with it too much!

What is that leave turtle Pokemon name?


Where do you most likely see snapping turtles?

mostly near ponds or swamps not to long ago i saw 11 baby snapping turtles on my patio they are so cute but when they get older they will turn in to a beast i advise you not to have a snapping turtle as a pet unless you want to get your fingers bitten off !!snapping turtles snap that's why there name is snapping turtles....i have 2 baby eastern box turtles crush and squirt.......please leave a comment on discussion page

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Where can you get a turtle?

you can get them at a pet store but any other places you find them you should leave them alone or lead them back to a swamp or an ocean if its out where its not safe

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