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Should you leave your spouse if he has been using drugs and you have children and have tried to get him to seek help?

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Your children come first and one of their parents has to be responsible. If you have parents, relatives or friends you can stay with please do. It is obvious your spouse has chosen the drugs over you and the children. By staying you will be nothing more than an enabler of his addiction. Leave, then see what he does. If he is serious do not go back until you are sure he is on a good program for drug abuse and even at that just be there for support and leave the children out of it. I think you already knew the answer to this one.

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Should you leave the home with your children if your spouse will not allow for separation and is mentally abusing to the children and you?

absolutly! If you stay in the house you are putting your children in danger!GET OUT!!!!

Can you leave the home if spouse is drug abuser without that spouse knowing about it?

If you mean legally, then I would imagine it would depend on if you had children with the drug using spouse. If you do, it would be best to notify the police or contact an attorney. You have a responsibility to keep the children safe, and keeping them in a place where one parent is using drugs is not safe. If not, then all you would have to do is pack and leave.

Can a spouse leave the state with the children after a divorce petition?


What should you do if your boyfriend is addicted to drugs?

Leave him.

How do you show on the family tree your divorced spouse?

If you and your divorced spouse have children, then you can add the word (divorved) to the spouse's entry. Many computer programs that make family trees provide a field to indicate a divorce. If you have no children with that spouse, you can leave the spouse off the tree if you want.

When you are married can the wife leave with the kids and not provide contact information?

The wife can just as easily as many husbands do. If it happens though, a spouse should seek legal advice about how to protect the finances and the children from a missing parent/spouse.

Can you leave your paid for condo to your sibling?

You can leave your property to whomever you wish. As long as your spouse and children are provided for, the rest doesn't matter.

Alcoholic spouse should you stay?

it depends on alot of things. is he are she abusive, are selling your stuff to get their drug of choise. Do they work are just drink all day. Do you have children? Is the drinking hurting you are your children? If you said yes to these questions then i think you should do your best to leave!

Your spouse is still cheating with the same woman what does this mean?

It means you should leave them.

What is the for leave if your spouse just had a baby?

The leave your spouse takes just after having a baby is called maternity leave.

If the natural father and they leave no will does the property go to the natural children?

If aman dies, his property normally goes to his spouse. If he has children from a previous marriage, the property is typically split between the current spouse and the children (natural or adopted), half going to the spouse and the other half being divided between the children. Consult a probateattorney in the appropriate state for specifics in that state.

Can your spouse witness your will?

No. An objective third party should witness the will. Having a spouse witness it will leave it vulnerable to challenge. No one who benefits from a legal document should also be the witness to the signature.

What do you do if you are married and in love with someone who is also in love with you?

You should probably try to get over it. Unless you wish to disrespect your spouse and leave her for another person, and injure your reputation, you should stay with your spouse.

How can you separate from your spouse if he refuses to leave?

You can try to separate from a spouse if he or she does not want to leave the home. You will need a lawyer. Your lawyer can ask the judge to have your spouse leave the residence while you are going through your proceedings.

What should children leave for santa?

Cookies and milk

Should a wife leave her husband if he was caught using illegal drugs and lied about using them?

no she should not leave her husband over drugs and him lieing him but maybe they should separate for a little while and figure out things. but to be really honest she should do what's best for the relationship. and get him in a rehab center only if he wont's to.

Do you have to leave something to your spouse and children in a will?

United StatesGenerally, in the United States, a person cannot disinherit their spouse. In most states (except Louisiana) the spouse has the statutory right to 'elect' to take an intestate share of the estate. To do so, the surviving spouse need only file a claim with the court and the court will award a share to the spouse that generally mirrors an intestate share.You can check your state laws of intestacy at the link below. The surviving spouse should contact an attorney immediately to determine their right of election under state laws.Generally you do need to name all of your children in the will, though you don't have to leave them something. Generally adult children can be disinherited. You must check your state laws to determine how a will must be drafted to effectively disinherit an adult child. In some states, if the will is not properly drafted, the court will decide the child was simply forgotten and will then distribute a share to that child.Minor children cannot be disinherited.

Can children contest a will that was made if you leave your heir property to your spouse who is not their father?

It is possible to disinherit your adult children in most states as long as your will is drafted properly according to the rules in your state. You should seek the advice of an attorney who can explain your options and draft your will so that it meets the statutory requirements.

When can you leave the home without your spouse claiming desertion while you're getting a divorce?

You can Leave your spouse with out him being able to claim you deserted him if your spouse beat you or was unfaithful but you also have to be able to prove it.

Should I leave my spouse over money?

Leaving one's spouse should not be undertaken lightly. Monetary circumstances may change, but a marriage represents a commitment. Unless there is no other way to resolve the difference, divorce should be considered the very last option.

If husband and wife owned property as such can the husband leave his share to his children by his will in NJ or does his wife inherit his interest in the property?

If the property was held as joint tenants with the right of survivorship, the decedent cannot leave his share to his children by will. His interest automatically passed to his surviving spouse. If the property was owned as tenants in common then he can leave his interest to his children.You should consult with an attorney who specializes in probate law in your area who can review the situation, review the will and inform you of your rights and options under that laws of NJ.

Should you leave small children with a parent suffering from epilepsy on their own?


What should children leave out for Santa on Christmas Eve?

milk and cookies

Will bad credit rating of your spouse affect your qualification for a mortgage?

Not if you don't use your spouse on the application as a co applicant or "additional income". If you don't need their income, then leave them off and no, it should not affect.

Girl moves out leaves her ex boyfriend stuff there?

men should be the ones who leave because they should have that much love for they spouse that they want the woman to have the shelter