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Your children come first and one of their parents has to be responsible. If you have parents, relatives or friends you can stay with please do. It is obvious your spouse has chosen the drugs over you and the children. By staying you will be nothing more than an enabler of his addiction. Leave, then see what he does. If he is serious do not go back until you are sure he is on a good program for drug abuse and even at that just be there for support and leave the children out of it. I think you already knew the answer to this one.

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Q: Should you leave your spouse if he has been using drugs and you have children and have tried to get him to seek help?
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Should you leave the home with your children if your spouse will not allow for separation and is mentally abusing to the children and you?

absolutly! If you stay in the house you are putting your children in danger!GET OUT!!!!

Can a spouse leave the state with the children after a divorce petition?


Can you leave the home if spouse is drug abuser without that spouse knowing about it?

If you mean legally, then I would imagine it would depend on if you had children with the drug using spouse. If you do, it would be best to notify the police or contact an attorney. You have a responsibility to keep the children safe, and keeping them in a place where one parent is using drugs is not safe. If not, then all you would have to do is pack and leave.

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Leave him.

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If you and your divorced spouse have children, then you can add the word (divorved) to the spouse's entry. Many computer programs that make family trees provide a field to indicate a divorce. If you have no children with that spouse, you can leave the spouse off the tree if you want.

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The wife can just as easily as many husbands do. If it happens though, a spouse should seek legal advice about how to protect the finances and the children from a missing parent/spouse.

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The leave your spouse takes just after having a baby is called maternity leave.

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You should probably try to get over it. Unless you wish to disrespect your spouse and leave her for another person, and injure your reputation, you should stay with your spouse.

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