Should you love your family more than your boyfriend?


Yes and no.

Boyfriends come and go more than family. MOST families will be there, if things go wrong, to help you; boyfriends not so much (sometimes they are what family has to rescue you from.) It really is an apples and oranges thing - the love you have for family comes from familiarity and time spent together; good times and bad. Often love for a boy or girlfriend is about infatuation, things you think are real but in reality they aren't. Given the choice between one and the other, ask each side why they feel they do, then make a rational decision about your good.

If you are underage, you are looking at a long tough road because you legally are still your parents responsibility and you will be under their control (sometimes a good thing as we often make stupid choices blindly and often others can see things we can't.) If you are grown up, weigh the advantages - does family take care of you otherwise? Have they abandoned you before and now only want to control you? Does your boyfriend support you and know how to argue with you? Is he 'Always right'? Who is being unreasonable? Is there any reason from the past that they are acting this way? Does either side have a truly valid point? Is there a third alternative no one has mentioned?

You have to walk a tightrope as burning bridges to either party can cause major pain later.