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Yes and no.

Boyfriends come and go more than family. MOST families will be there, if things go wrong, to help you; boyfriends not so much (sometimes they are what family has to rescue you from.) It really is an apples and Oranges thing - the love you have for family comes from familiarity and time spent together; good times and bad. Often love for a boy or girlfriend is about infatuation, things you think are real but in reality they aren't. Given the choice between one and the other, ask each side why they feel they do, then make a rational decision about your good.

If you are underage, you are looking at a long tough road because you legally are still your parents responsibility and you will be under their control (sometimes a good thing as we often make stupid choices blindly and often others can see things we can't.) If you are grown up, weigh the advantages - does family take care of you otherwise? Have they abandoned you before and now only want to control you? Does your boyfriend support you and know how to argue with you? Is he 'Always right'? Who is being unreasonable? Is there any reason from the past that they are acting this way? Does either side have a truly valid point? Is there a third alternative no one has mentioned?

You have to walk a tightrope as burning bridges to either party can cause major pain later.

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Q: Should you love your family more than your boyfriend?
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Does Selena Gomez love her family or her boyfriend more?

i think she would love both of them most because your boyfriend is part of the family

What is most important for a girl love or family?

if the girl needs family love, then family is more important and if she is truly in love with her boyfriend, then the love is more important.

Is it wrong to love your boyfriend more than your family?

You can love any number of people - including your boyfriend and your family, and other friends - but in different ways. The more you love, the more you are able to love. On the other hand, if you're in a situation where you don't particularly like your family for some reason - after all, you didn't choose them - it's fine to love your boyfriend - who presumably you did choose - more.

How should you treat you boyfriend?

With love and respect and he will love you and respect you even more and more .. with kindness.

Should I leave my boyfriend for my best male friend because he loves me more and I love him?

That decision is entirely up to you. Which one do you love more. If you love your best male friend more go for it and break up with your boyfriend. But if your boyfriend means more to you hold on to the good thing you have.

Why should you spend more time with family?

Yes because they love you and you should show them u love them back

Ok you love your boyfriend but u still feel something for your ex boyfriend wat do i do?

You should try to forget your ex boyfriend. He is not worth it if your new boyfriend loves you and cares for you as much or more than you care about him. Its better to stay with your new boyfriend that loves you and you love back.

What if someone love you more then your boyfriend?

It all depends on who that someone is. If that someone is related to, then thats to be exspected , But if that someone just so happens to be another male , then you should think about how you feel about him. If you really love your boyfriend and your boyfriend really loves you thats all that should matter.

Is it more important 'to be in love with' or 'to love?

It is always more important to love. Love is unconditional... you can love anyone; any age time or place. To be in love with is different and more limited. I am in love with my boyfriend. I love my family, friends, school-mates, pets... you see? There's a big difference and "to love" is always better. :)

Should a boyfriend ideally love his girlfriend more than his brothers and sisters?

don't compare

I got a Boyfriend but i were in love with your x-boyfriend and im still in love with him but i love your boyfriend i have now what should i do?

You need to decide which one you love more, and once you have done this you need to let the other down gently. It might be a hard thing for you to do, but by choosing who you want to be with you will not be leading the other on and the whole situation will be resolved.

What should you say if your boyfriend said he loves you more?

You can tell him the same, or tell him you love him so much he can't possibly love you more, but only if you really mean it.

Why does my boyfriend still love me but he does not trust me?

You should try sleeping with him, he will trust you more if he knows you are willing to commit.

What if you love your boyfriend?

If you love your boyfriend... What are you talking about! Your boyfriend is supposed to be a boy you love! If you love your boyfriend, than may your relationship be long and forever going. Just know, that it may not work out and that there are more boys out there to choose and that Mr. Right is usually your 9th or 10th boyfriend! Boys, THEY LOVE YOU!! BE HAPPY!!!!!

What if your boyfriend says he dosen't love you?

you should break the relationship, Because if there's no love why continue wuth someone who doesn't love you if there's more men in the world?

You have been dating your online boyfriend for 5 monthes but you are cheating on him and been dating that guy for 6 monthes which boyfriend should you choose i love one more than the other?

hun if you love one more than the other then choose the one you love more.. But remember follow your heart, it will always lead you to the right answer..

When your boyfriend kissd another girl but you still love him?

If your boyfriend sincerely wants to be forgiven and you can forgive him, take him back. If he doesn't want to be forgiven, he doesn't love you any more and you should move on. If he does want forgiveness and you can't forgive him, then your relationship is dead and you should find someone else.

Im losing feelings for my boyfriend what do i do?

you don't love him any more and you should probably move on because who would want to be with some one you don't love

How do you tell your boyfriend about a tradition about engagements in your family?

You can just tell him what the tradition is like any other. If your telling him this to dictate about the two of you getting engaged, that's a no-no, you should want him to do it out of love for you freely and you should want him to ask you freely. Nothing screams pressure more then this.

Is it bad to tell your boyfriend you love him a lot?

No, the more you tell the more he'll probably love you back

How can you tell if your boyfriend don't love you no more?

ask him

Why does your cat like you better than your boyfriend?

Your cat is more of a member of your family than your boyfriend.

How do you know if your boyfriend is in love with his mistress?

Your boyfriend is in love with his mistress if he is not giving you as much sex as he used to and he wants to spend more time with her than with you.

Should you love your wife more than family - I am talking about feeling of love not duties as I know my wife is priority and I have primary duties towards her?

Yes you need to be devoted to your wife but still you must love your family

What should you do to earn your boyfriend's love back?

Just be a friend. If he is asking for any more than that he's using your emotions to get what he wants.