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You will never know what she is thinking, but, it's worth a shot to ask her out. Take the chance or you'll never know.

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What came first an elevator telephone or radio?


What came first Hydraulic elevator or roped elevator?

Roped (traction) elevators came first. Otis Elevator Company invented the modern elevator in 1853 which used ropes. Otis Elevator Company then also invented the first hydraulic elevator which was installed in 1909 at the Singer Building in New York City (since demolished).

Who invented the first power elevator?

The first electric elevator was built by Werner von Siemens in 1880.

Who invented the elevator in 1859?

gidel moreno was the first lady who invented the elevator

When was the first elevator installed in the White House?

The first elevator was put in , in 1881 while Chester Arthur was president.

Who invented the first elevator?


What is the stressed syllable of elevator?

The first.

What is elevator auto-homing?

Elevator auto-homing sends the elevator to a predetermined floor when not in use. This is usually the first floor. Hydraulic jacks and cables raises and lowers the elevator cars.

Where was the first elevator installed?

On March 23, 1857 the first Otis passenger elevator was installed was at 488 Broadway in New York City.

How do you get the elevator in the Sims 2 Seasons?

You put flooring down, then place the elevator on it, (you have to have walls surrounding the elevator) then you place another elevator on top of the first one :) then when your playing with your sims click the bottom elevator and a tab will come up, you'll know what to do after that!

When was the first elevator invented?

bumbleshizznit america

How much did the first elevator cost?

a shitload

What did elish Otis invent?

the first elevator.

How do you get into Mr Nack's room in fossil fighters?

You go to the elevator on the left and is the first room when you walk off the elevator

How do you restore power to the pentagon on zombie mode on call of dutyblack ops?

when you first start your in a room open the door go to the elevator and go down to the second floor then open the blocked things and go the elevator on the left go down and then you should be in a room with doors everywhere go straight and take the first left you should see a room go into it and then you should see the power switch

Who invented the first passenger elevator?

Elisha Otis

The first passenger elevator installed?

It was installed in 1843

What event led to the first elevator?


Was Alexander Miles the first to invent the elevator?

no he was not... he inproved the elevator by adding belts so the doors would automatically shut

Where was the first elevator in America installed?

According to Ripley's, The Monte Rio Hotel, built in 1901, in Sonoma County in Northern California, was the first building in the country to have an elevator.

When did Elisha G Otis invent the elevator brakes?

Elisha Graves Otis invented the elevator brakes (and thus the first safe elevator) in 1853. His invention made skyscrapers possible.

Where was the first place when the elevator brake was instaled?

it was first installed in the effel tower

Robert hooke looked at what?

corks was the first thing he looked at

Who was the investor of the elevator?

Elisha Otis invented the first practical elevator and demonstrated it at the Crystal Palace Exhibition, New York in 1854

What did the first paper clips by Samuel b fay look like?

It looked like this It looked like this It looked like this It looked like this It looked like this

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