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Should you move in with your boyfriend when your only 18?


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You should move in with your boyfriend when you feel your ready to.

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13? Try 18 and then maybe its more reasonable

No! Absolutely not!! Girls should only start wearing make-up when they are about 18. THEN they can have a boyfriend. ONE boyfriend.

Only with parental consent since you are not 18 yet.

I think you should if you truly love him and he loves you

you should have a boyfriend when you are 18 and above. you can make the right decisions.

The only way i can find out right now is if u get emancipated and that's what im looking for rightnow cuz im 16 and pregnant and my boyfriend is 18 too. If i find anythign else out, then i will write you back

Only if the minor has been legally emancipated by the court. And no judge is going to emancipate a minor so they can go live with their boyfriend. When you turn 18 you can move anywhere you want.

If you are within 5 months of turning 18 you can move out and your parnets can't do nothing about it.

Laws vary from state to state. Technically, only with parental consent unless you are over 18.

Not legally; technically your mother is still in control of you until you are 18/classified as an adult by all society. If your boyfriend really wants you to move in with him.

The legal age of majority in Florida is eighteen (18).

Only if she has parental permission. Otherwise she will either have to wait to be married or turn 18.

Legally speaking, you both need to be at least 18, or you're probably going to have some serious trouble somewhere. But practically, you should probably be 21 or so, and then move in with your husband.

Yes. An 18 year old CAN move in with a nineteen year old. If it was your girlfriend or boyfriend. NO husband or wife.

You can not move anywhere without parental consent until you are 18. Whether you can have sex or not with your boyfriend depends on the laws where you live and since you are below age of consent there better be close in age exemptions or he is guilty of statutory rape. Your parents can not give consent to that, only the law applies.

Yes, he can be charged with statitory rape just for having sex with you, regardless of whether you move in with him or not. You should wait until you are 18.

No. Do you have a job? Do you plan on staying in school. Do you plan on getting married to him? If the answer is no to question #1 and 3, no. If the answer is yes to all, think about your education.

You can move out only if you have permission from your parents. Otherwise, you will have to wait until you are an adult, which is 18, whether you have a child or not.

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