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Only if you want to spend a lot of time helping him realize he is very insecure, and suffers from fear of rejection. "If you love it let it go, and if it loves you it will come back to you."

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Answer The fact that you are already with him should be enough. You shouldn't have to prove yourself to anyone especially a boyfriend.

My boyfriend cheated on me and i did break up with him to prove a point ( i am a girl ) and i did still love this definitely sounds really familiar but it really depends on whether you learned your lesson or not. you can't get her back if you're not ready...

if you are really in love with him. tell him for one night he could do any one thing with or to you.

first of all let him prove it for sure if he really do love u....

bring up the marriage topic. if it's real love an oath will prove it

Trying to prove something like that will convince her that you dont need him she should notice it by herself.

There is nothing wrong with simply coming out and telling him when he's alone that you really missed him and he doesn't have to be your boyfriend to tell him that.

If you need to prove to your boyfriend you love him, let him go. He's paranoid. However, if he's just started this, assure him that you love him. Keep doing this. If he just can't understand that you really do love him, he's insecure.

If you broke up once, odds are, you aren't going to stay together. She is obviously not committed to your relationship (she is with another guy). I would just leave it alone. You should tell your ex if she wants to really get back together with you she needs to prove it. She needs to break up with the boyfriend she has now!Otherwise more problems will occur if she having relations with and and another guy. You should also ask her want she really wants in a relationship, and ask her who do think provides her with what she wants.

Just sort of apologize like you really mean it. And if he refuses that's a loss for him.

you'll just have to trust him <3 and if he really loves you he wont let you go and he'll prove it that he loves you

In what way? If you really are a girl it should be obvoius.

Be very wary of someone who accuses your boyfriend of cheating unless they can prove it without a doubt. If this is a girlfriend that has told you then again be wary as she may be trying to get the two of you to break up. If it a guy then it is possible that he may care for you and want you to break up with your boyfriend. Be smart and get this accuser to stand by you while your confront your boyfriend. If the accuser says they do not want to do it then it is highly possible they were not telling the truth. If they believe it; saw it happen then there should be no problem. If you cannot get the accuser to admit this to your boyfriend's face then you should confront your boyfriend by saying, '________told me that you were cheating. Is this true?' One way or the other you will get your answer.

talk to her if you really love her do not let her go I did that to my boyfriend and now we are just friends and I hate it

You should never have to prove yourself to your boy friend. if you are feeling like you should talk to your bf about why or try to stop it on your own. Plus bffs are perfect to talk to for advice.

Sneak him around or maybe even prove to them that he's different than what they picture him as.

yes! Really I think I'd like you to prove that. As far as I've heard Enya (Eithne) is still a lesbian.

Red Flag to being in an abusive relationship. Especially if you have been faithful and you are constantly trying to prove it to your boyfriend while he is accusatory. Is he really would have to do the detective work to find that out.

prove your loyallty show him that you can be trusted.

He will forget about you and he will keep it a secret.

Until a persons actions prove otherwise, we can only assume that a person really means what he says.

You have to be loyal first to be a good boyfriend. You have to be prove her that you only want her.

You start by speaking proper English. 'How do you prove you WERE'NT trying to break into someone's webmail?'

In my opinion if you really care about her let her go because once you love someone.... they will never stop. It might be hard. Or you can prove to her that your better for her than he is but if you really care about her then you should let her go. There are always going to be other people.

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