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It's possible to experience spotting while on the pill. This usually occurs for the following reasons:

  • Pill is not suitable for you
  • Missed pills
  • Break through bleeding
  • Pregnancy
  • urinary tract infection
  • Took too many pills
  • Skipping pills
  • Taking antibiotics
  • Taking Birth Control with morning after pill.

If you suspect pregnancy I recommend you perform a pregnancy test 2-3 weeks after intercourse.


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no, any bleeding should be notified by a doctor

Yes. The Pill doesn't completely eliminate bleeding. What it does is fools the body into thinking that it's pregnant, so spot bleeding is relatively common.

no. any bleeding should be brought to your doctors attention

The birth control pill can make the lining of the uterus thinner, and so you don't bleed as much during the pill-free week. Sometimes it's just spotting.

Hi, Your question is: Do you spot after stopping the pill? Yes, you do spot after stopping the pill. The "spotting" usually occurs within 7 days of stopping the pill but sometimes it can take as long as 14 days to occur. This spotting is known as a withdrawal bleed and is perfectly normal. It simply means birth control is withdrawing from your system.

yes but usually if you miss more than one and take them two a day til you catch up you'll spot bleed for a couple of days from my experience.

I got on the pill 2 days ago, my doctor told me that it is a normal side effect to spot anytime while on the pill, don't worry girl

You should not bleed for very long. Some bleed for an hour, some for a few days, and some people don't bleed at all.

Yes. Some women stop menstruating immediately, while others bleed or spot until the second shot is taken.

It is normal to spot lightly-medium bleeding. If you are bleeding very heavily go to the doctor, this isn't normal for most to costantly bleed

If you forget to take your birth control pill, don't take two to make up for the one you forgot! Start fresh the next day. Try to take them at the same time everyday also. Your less likely to spot bleed or start spotting when you forget your pill.

Hello. No it isn't normal to spot while on the pill unless you have missed some pills (or a pill). Spotting while on the pill can be due to pregnancy, break through ovulation or because the doseage of the pill isn't high enough for you. See your doctor.

Some women do spot or bleed while taking birth control pills, particularly the pills that prevent a period for 3 months. However, if the bleeding is heavy or painful, you should talk to your doctor about it because there could be something else going on.

yes it can it could make you spot, or bleed, and it can mess up your cycle like the timing on it. but if you started taking it no worries your body will adjust.

It is possible to alter the timing of your menstrual cycle while on the pill. Sometimes you can push it to later in the month too. Depending on how long you push it back though, you may spot.

It differs between women. Some bleed nothing at all and other spot for days.

This is normal - not all dogs spot or bleed during their heat cycle.

Your period could be coming on

This is "break-through bleeding" and could mean the dosage is not strong enough, or your body may be adjusting to using the pill or a new brand. Should it continue for more 2-3 months you should visit the Gyno.

It is possible, because when you're on birth control those aren't real periods. They're meant to have lighter bleeding.

Usually no, although some people have been known to bleed a small spot of blood after losing their virginity.

when you start to spot ,how much can you and are they little dots when you start to spot ,how much can you and are they little dots

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