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Drunk or not, she did wrong, if you have the kind of relationship, where you KNOW that is a no no. She could have just made a mistake and learned her lesson. If your friendship is worth it, just get over it. If she is still a complete loser in your eyes....drop her like a hot potatoe. Keep in mind that your "ex" boyfriend is an ex for a reason. You just need to ask yourself if your friendship is worth it. If she does have more to hide, do you really want to know? Is an ex-boyfriend worth losing a friend over? From your question, it's not clear whether your boyfriend was still your boyfriend when your best friend messed around with him, or whether he was already an ex boyfriend when she messed around with him. If he was still your boyfriend, then what she did should be grounds to part company and find yourself another best don't need friends like that. If he was already an ex when she messed around with him, it shouldn't matter a great deal other than it would have been nice if she had told you of her intentions beforehand.

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What if your boyfriend has a best friend that he messed around with before you got together and he called her at 2am while he was out of state Could he still have feelings for her Should i bail?

If he messed around before you guys got together and called her DURING your relationship he most likely still has feelings for her; i would bail.

How do you tell a friend who likes you that you are going with his best friend to a dance?

that's messed up...

What should you do about a friend breakup?

you should tell him/her your sorry and tell that person you messed up and you wanna stay stay friends, if she rejects then shes a u know watta

How do you get a girl to like you after her friend messes up your relationship?

Try to get to remember how it was before her friend messed it up

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yes it is and i cant get a boy friend

What should you do if your boyfriend messes with your best friend 3 times?

Well, Hun if he messed with your best friend he isn't your boyfriend and she surely isn't your best friend! But if yall are keeping it a secret dont bother to do anything, but if your not you should beat the hell out of her and you should kick him in the balls!!!! I hope you have learned from me and use this advice for the future for some other scum bags that comes in your life!!!!

If your friend trades you a Japanese mew will your Pokemon pearl get messed up?

no it shouldn't i have a japaneeze palkia i got on my diamond and it did nothing to my save file it should be fine don't worry

Why is your best friend treating you like crap?

If you are talking about YOUR best friend, maybe the question should have been: Why is my best friend treating me like crap? Maybe she/he is treating you badly because you did something they didn't like. If they are dating someone, maybe they think you messed with his/her boyfriend/girlfriend. PS. You should seriously give a lot more information.

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Whatever they are, that's what they are. By whose standards should we conclude that they violate laws of nature and are messed up ?

In what words can you tell your ex you NEED him back?

I think u should say i want u back i messed up or he messed up

What do you do in a messed up relationship with a guy who is almost boyfriend and best friend but now he ignores me all of the sudden?

Talk to him about it- tell him you're hurt and that if he loves you he should tell you what is the matter instead of ignoring you.

What should you do if you are not over your exboyfriend and you still love him but he's with someone else and have a child together but he stills bothers you and you are with someone else and a kid?

uh. . .that's messed up dude. I would so not change anything. You love him? you love this other guy? you have a freakin CHILD? don't change anything. You'll mess up these poor kids life

What should you do if you've messed up in college twice to impress a girl to be your friend and how can you approach her?

Well approach her and prove to her how matured you have grown. But make sure you have learnt you lessons, let her not see the same old you.

What does it mean if you feel like someone watching you and your the only one around?

Your messed!

How do you stop a guy liking your friend and like you instead?

You're messed up. A guy isn't worth ruining a friendship.

Who was the tentant who was not supposed to be in the Westing game?

Sydelle Pulaski. He messed up and was trying to get Sybil Pulaski. (Crow's childhood friend)

What should you do when you messed up with a girl?

Apologize then let her have some time to forgive

No I Jus Love Her?

Do you really love her.Those words should never be messed with.

You really like this guy but so does your best mate and she is his ex whenever you talk to him he always smiles and goes red what should you do about your best mate?

Well ask yourself if she is a good best friend, and if she isn't then there you go. Take the guy, but if she is a really good best friend, then tell her that you like him too. You can both get over him together because he is just a boy. He's not going to be there for you forever. A best friend is always there. So, I'm saying pick your best friend over the boy. Only if she is a good best friend though, because if she isn't nice then why the heck is she your best friend? And if she's been out with the boy, then she had to go with him, and she or him is messed up. If he is messed up, think why he is messed up and think that he might do the same to you if you go out with him. So if she is a bad best friend- take the boy. If she is a good best friend- stay with the friend. If you don't know if she is nice or not, then test her. Tell her that you like the same guy as her, and if she trues to get over him with you, then she is a good best friend. If she says "I can't get over him", then that's saying "back off he's mine" (in a nice way).

If my friend wants me to trust him but he messed with my head should i just forget about what he did and move on or leave him out of my life?

If he messed with ur head and broke ur heart over it and u wanna be friends be distant friends that's it don't be close but if u dnt wanna be friends kick em outta ur life...I would say kick em out

Is johnny Knoxville into black girls?

Yes, I heard he had messed around with one when he was younger

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That is how Retards come around not wanting to be rude but it is the truth.

What should you do if you messed around with your ex and he has a girlfriend?

If you didn't know he had a girlfriend tell him off. Why would he want to fool around with you if he already has a girlfriend. Also you might want to tell the girlfriend , she has a right to know what her boyfriend has been doing.