Should you take the chance on dating a guy who is 26 if you are 16 if you two really like each other?

Personally, I think that you should just date the guy. Age never matters when it's true love. And hey, if it doesn't work out it's not the end of the world. No. First off, there are laws against that type of contact until you are 18. 2nd, what does a 26 year old guy want with a 16 year old girl? Answer: sex. Here's an idea. Date, but with no physical interaction beyond innocent kissing. Get to know each other; there's a huge gap between 16 and 26. If, after 6 months of dating (in the actual sense; not sleeping together), you both find you two are getting closer and closer, you can then consider initiating a full physical relationship. Otherwise you may find you've given precious time to someone who didn't end up really deserving it.