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Personally, I think that you should just date the guy. Age never matters when it's true love. And hey, if it doesn't work out it's not the end of the world. No. First off, there are laws against that type of contact until you are 18. 2nd, what does a 26 year old guy want with a 16 year old girl? Answer: sex. Here's an idea. Date, but with no physical interaction beyond innocent kissing. Get to know each other; there's a huge gap between 16 and 26. If, after 6 months of dating (in the actual sense; not sleeping together), you both find you two are getting closer and closer, you can then consider initiating a full physical relationship. Otherwise you may find you've given precious time to someone who didn't end up really deserving it.

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Q: Should you take the chance on dating a guy who is 26 if you are 16 if you two really like each other?
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Are Nick Jonas and meaghan martin really dating?

No they are not dating each other. They Should

What do you do if your dating a guy and you like someone eles?

if you have been dating for a while and you really like this other guy then maybe it's time to 'take a break' but if you just recently started dating give the guy a chance. I think it's really annoying and stupid when people date for like 3 days, its not really fair to the person who gets dumped, they never even got a chance.

What do you do if the guy who you like flirts with other girls and you like him a lot?

If your dating him you play it cool, then make I'm his favorite meal, and be all romantic and bring it up at some random time and see how he reacts. If your not dating him then your not really in tactics to tell him that your his and that he should be embrassed and that you have seen him and been angry about it. If you really love him and he's your's then you should forgive him and give him another chance. If not change your style a bit to get him to notice you some more.

Should dating teens see each other everyday?

Dating teens should see each other when they want to. Not on a prescribed schedule.

What should you do if im dating 1 girl but really like another?

Break up with your girlfriend, if you really like your girlfriend you wouldn't like any other girls

This guy im dating has two other girls on the same job on the same shift should I leave the equation?

No. If you really love your boyfriend, then stay with him. It makes him have more time with you, and those two other girls won't have a chance to make their move. They might say untrue stuff about you. So stay with him.

Why is your boyfriend calling other girls?

Really only he can answer this for you and you should calmly ask him why and tell him how it makes you feel. If he cannot be with just one girl and have respect for her by not calling other women then he should not be dating at this time.

Can a cheating fiance repent can she be given a second chance?

If the spouse really loves the person that cheated then they should give a 2nd chance to other. But if they cheat again then that's when you pull out the "sharp stuff"

Are jade and beck dating on victorious?

yes they are. they really like each other and they have been dating for about 2 years.

I have a boyfriend but I really like this other guy and I did tell him I was dating someone but he found out on his own through friends and now he's mad at me... what should i do?

If you like other people while in a relationship you should not be in a relationship, it is not fair to the guy your dating. Stay single if you want to see a variety of people. If the guy you like is mad at you it really should not matter because you have a boyfriend already. You are going to have to decide if you really want to be with your current boyfriend and if not you must break up with him - not try dating other people while in a relationship. The guy you like and that is upset with you will likely not trust you now anyway as you were trying to get with him while dating someone else which is cheating. You have to sort your feelings out and it would be best to be single while doing so.

What should you do if your best friend is dating your girlfriend?

If they are dating, then how sure are you that the girl is your girlfriend? Talk to her about it; find out what if anything is happening betwen them, and then ask her whether she is really with you or the other guy. Be prepared for some disappointment.

What should you do if you just got your first boyfriend and are both really shy and dont really know what the other person wants to do?

if you don't know what the other person wants, ask, first rule of dating is talk to each other, you have to be open and honest with one another.

Should a girl call a guy?

no let the guy call u because if he really likes you he wil call unless the call is for something else other from dating

Are harry and Louis dating?

no they are not dating they just have a really close bromance and they're comfortable around each other that's basically it but I can assure they are not

What should you do if a guy keeps flirting with the girl of your dreams?

If she really likes the other guy, then you might want to give up or wait on her. If she doesn't really like him back, then you still have a chance. So go and get your girl!

I am 15 years old and i really want a boyfriend do you think that is wrong?

No it's not wrong. You are of an appropriate age to start dating. Other people might have an issue with a 15 year old dating but that's their problem, not yours. So don't worry. If your guardians aren't okay with you dating then there might be a problem, which you should just resolve with them. But other than that, I see no problem ;)

What to do ok your bf and you really like each other and have been dating for 3 months and now his girl best friend is starting confess to like him and is just now realizeing you two are dating?

Say to your bf: " Look we have been dating. I get it shes your best friend but she should stay your best friend and I can stay your girl friend. I really like you! Please don't break my heart."

I want to start a relationship with a girl and I am sixteen she said she doesn't like me in that way but shows the signs of liking me what should I do?

* Don't chase her. Start going out with your friends and dating other girls. If she really does care for you and sees you dating then she may well pursue you.

Should you tell your ex who you are dating?

tell him or her that the other person is much cuter

Is it right for a guy to get mad at a girl for talking to other guys when their dating?

Yes , if you two are dating all her attention should be to you and vise versa. She shouldn't even want to talk to other guys so of course you should get mad.

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Is Tae yeon and Junsu dating?

We all dont know if they are dating or not but even if they are dating, we should all accept the fact that they are humans too. Fans are fans. We protect our stars' image but if they want to be with each other, we should just support them :)

How do you tell your girlfriend that you know she is dating your friend?

You should simply tell her that you think you should both start dating other people and then do it. Your romance with her is over and there is no point in prolonging it or creating drama.

How do you get started in a gay relationship?

The same way you get started in any other relationship. By chance, dating site, an introduction etc.

Are Emma Watson and Rupert Grint dating in real live?

No they are not dating. They are really close friends and have known each other since they were around 11 years old.