Should you talk to the other man about his affair with your wife?

Why would one want to? This is not going to solve the issue. It's already been done. One should be communicating with the spouse and seeking professional help to resolve what ever one thinks is left in the marriage. I would not do that. What if either you or he becomes violent? Do you want to spend time in jail on top of everything? I'm sorry to hear this is going on. You are going to confront the wrong person. It should be your wife that you should be talking too. Please don't sit by and allow this behavior to go on. Neither sex should be playing these games. Just have it out with her (try not to yell because you'll just lose control of the situation.) She has 2 choices: #1 ditch the guy she's seeing or #2 YOU will leave her! You don't deserve this sort of treatment and let her know loud and clear she is "replaceable!" Good luck Marcy