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it depends if he wants to date you too, because if you go up to him and ask him if he wants to go out he might be weirded out and then yalls friendship will go down hill from there. so before you ask your best friend out, try to see if he likes you too.

you can tell when a guy likes you if you accidentally touch his leg with your leg and he doesn't move it, or if you touch his hand and he doesn't move him away from yours, he may hug you for small things. but notice his eye contact, if he likes you hell try to catch your eye, and his pupils may dialate.

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Q: Should you tell your close friend that you want to go out with him?
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You are bi and your friend is not and you want to kiss her what should you do?

Don't. If you're really close and she's VERY understanding, tell her. If not, don't tell her and avoid the urge. If you have a really close friend you can tell anything, you can tell them about it, it'll make you feel so much better

What should you do if your close friend is upset with you?

You should tell your friend that you want to work out the problem. Sit down just you and him/her and ask what made them upset? Really listen to what they are saying and hear them out. Once you know what went wrong you can try to work on how to fix it. If your friend is really close to you then he/she should want to discuss it and work it out.

How do you tell a formerly close friend that they are horrible now and you do not want to be their friend anymore?

Just come right out and tell your friend why you don't want to be friends anymore thats the easiest way i think to say it to the point and why you no longer want to be friends which your friend should have some idea why you feel the way you do.

What should you tell your parents if you want to take a girl out on holidays?

tell them you want to bring a friend

What should you do if both of your best friends fall out and you stuck in the middle of it?

When with "friend a" tell him/her you do not want to talk about "friend b", but you do want to have fun together. When with "friend b" tell him/her you do not want to talk about "friend a", but you do want to have fun together.

How should I tell me Jerk of a Friend that i don't want to be her friend AGAIN?

I think you should just say I am not going to be your friend.

What to do when you friend does not want to be close anymore?

you tell them that "i understand it is up to you but i do really really wanna be your friend still" and that's it

How should I tell my Jerk of a Friend that i don't want to be her friend AGAIN PS I've tried that?

you should just tell her/him to stop bothering you

What do you do if your friend doesnt want to be your friend but wont tell you why?

I should never force her to be my friend. If she doesn't want to be my friend then why should I bother about her and force her to become my friend. There are millions of people in this world who know the importance of friendship.

What should you do if your friend wants to go out with you but you have a problem getting past the friend stage because he never shows he likes you by physical stuff like holdin hands or getting close?

You should probably start by telling him what you need. Tell him you want your hand held and stuff. If he won't, then just tell him you want to stay friends.

How do you tell a guy friend you want to be boyfriend and girlfriend not friends with benefits?

Tell him you want to be more close and you want to have something impertweeen each other instead of just sex

How do you tell a close friend you want to date them after you promised them you wouldn't go out for some time i want to hint at it not just go out and tell him i want to see what he thinks about it?

It depends on what you originally promised. Situations change, feelings change, we sometimes find out we just can't keep the promise we made. Chances are your friend has had experiences like this. If you're close friends, you should be able to talk about this. The danger is that your friend will insist you hold to your promise or end the relationship. But if you really want to date your friend, you might be willing to take that risk.

Should you call a guy to tell them that a friend likes him?

no you should tell him face to face u can call him if u want

What is the best way to tell somebody there mean?

Kindly say that that you don't want to be their friend anymore. Or, go to the guidance counselor at your school and ask them how you should tell your friend that you don't want to be their friend anymore or ask them to tell your friend for you. Also, you can ask one of your friends to tell the person that you don't want to be friends with anymore to tell them. Good luck!

Can you tell your friend to give your number to the boy you like?

You can tell your friend but you should ask them instead to be more polite.

Should you tell your new friend that they have bad breath?

if you want end it yes

Is a close friend a boyfriend or girlfriend?

If you want your friend to be more then a friend tell your friend. Trust me, u don't want to think your dating your friend when he/she starts dating someone else. Clear the air before you start making assumptions like that.

How do you tell a friend who asked you out that you think of him only as a friend in the nicest way Should you wait till he asks you out again or should you tell him ASAP?

you should tell him/her that you like him/her but as a friend and don't be snotty be a nice person and tell them that maybe someday you could be more but as of right now you just want to be friends

Girl that's a friend and you want to make out with her?

You should tell her how you feel about her. Good Luck!

What should you do if your friend is dating your ex who you still have feelings for but you don't want to tell her?

get over it

How do you break up a friends relationship?

just tell them you dont want to be friends no more

Should you tell your friend that her boyfriend hit on you?

If your friend is someone that you would really want to call a friend and ya'll do just about everything together then yes you should tell your friend that her boyfriend that he hit on you because it looks like he doesn't have any respect for you or his girlfriend.

How do you tell a good friend you feel more about her?

to tell a friend how you feel about her: if you want to tell a really close friend that you feel like being more than friends, if you need to write her a note and stick it in her mailbox when she's at work. give her your number and await her call.

Should your friend Sidney go out with your other friend amalio?

This all depends on how close they are. If you don't want your friend too because your jelous, trust me if they want too they will find a way to be with each other.

How can you tell if a friend pretends to be your friend?

Tell them that you don't want to live a lie....