Should you tell your girlfriend you cheated on her?

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2010-04-15 03:49:16


Do you Love her? Do you respect or care about her at all? Why

are you being so selfish you abused her trust, disrespected the

relationship you had no matter how well you think you are keeping

this secret it will eat at you the shame and guilt every time your

girl tells you she loves you or just looks into your eyes the lie

is there. You did the cheating now the only way you can do right by

her is to be honest AND TELL HER THE TRUTH.


Or....Just go home and say " iron my shirt, bitch."


If she finds out on her own she will probably never forgive you.

If you TELL her yourself, she will be upset and may leave for a

bit, but chances are if you earn her trust back she will forgive

you. It is far better to tell the truth than lie. At least if you

come clean you have some sort of chance to recover your

relationship (and a SMALL leg to stand on). Would you not like to


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