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Do you Love her? Do you respect or care about her at all? Why are you being so selfish you abused her trust, disrespected the relationship you had no matter how well you think you are keeping this secret it will eat at you the shame and guilt every time your girl tells you she loves you or just looks into your eyes the lie is there. You did the cheating now the only way you can do right by her is to be honest AND TELL HER THE TRUTH.


Or....Just go home and say " iron my shirt, bitch."


If she finds out on her own she will probably never forgive you. If you TELL her yourself, she will be upset and may leave for a bit, but chances are if you earn her trust back she will forgive you. It is far better to tell the truth than lie. At least if you come clean you have some sort of chance to recover your relationship (and a SMALL leg to stand on). Would you not like to know?

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Should you tell the guy's girlfriend that he cheated on her with you?

You shouldn't have done anything with him knowing he has a girlfriend.

How can you tell if your girlfriend has cheated?

how do you know if your boyfriend has cheated

Should you tell the girlfriend of a man that he cheated on her with you and lied about her existence as you did not know he had a girlfriend and feel used?

Yes! You should tell her, you should also tell him how that made you feel. Think about it, you'd want to be told!!!!

Should you tell your girlfriend that you have cheated on a different girl before two years ago?

no, that would be stupid.....

How can you tell if your girlfriend cheated on you?

If you have to ask then she probably already has, or you have cheated on her so then all is fair. Right?

Should you leave your girlfriend?

no, unless a) she is a lunatic b) she cheated on you c) You cheated on Her d) you or her are moving

Should i tell my wife i cheated on her?


Should you tell his wife that he cheated with you?


How can you tell your mate his girlfriend cheated on him with you?

Just be on-est sorry i cant spell

What should a guy do if he cheats on his girlfriend?

If you really care about your girlfriend, you tell her that you cheated on her and that you are really sorry you did. You promise you'll never do it again. (and don't do it again). If you're lucky, she'll forgive you.

What should I do since my long distance girlfriend cheated on me?

If she cheated once, she will cheat again. Find someone new closer to your home.

Should you tell his fiance that he cheated with you?

What is the point.

Who out of JLS cheated on his girlfriend?

None of them have cheated.

Should you like a boy that has a girlfriend and he cheated on me with but i still really like him?

no. get over him.

Why do I feel like I cheated on my girlfriend?

What do you do if you have cheated on your girlfriend and still love her?

Well you should have thought about that b4 you cheated on her! Gosh don't do something youre gonna regret!!!!!!!! dont u think iv thought bout that now what i want to know is what 2 say to her to tell her about it

What if your boyfriend and you broke up yesterday because you found out he cheated on you and got a new girlfriend so should you tell his new gf that he asked her out while yall were still together?

only if you want to be really harsh on him and his girlfriend

Should you dump your girlfriend after she cheated on you with one of her friends?

yes and no it matters if she really cute

Should you tell your husband you have cheated on him a lot?

Follow your gut

How should you confront a guy that you are upset with because he cheated on his girlfriend with you?

Did you not know he had a girlfriend? If he was hiding it from you... i'd say slap him/kick him in the balls and let his girlfriend know what he did.

How do you tell your girlfriend you cheated on her?

Your best bet is to not tell her. If you have to though then your best bet is to go to a place that you have control of, you are alone, and there are no weapons around. Be blunt, let her know what you did, why you did it, and your future intentions. She might leave, cry, or tell you that she cheated on you. Remember at this point you are telling her something you did in sorrow and whatever happens you cheated and that's why youre there.

Revenge on a guy who cheated on his girlfriend?

hurt him with the one thing he cares the most. find a way like if he has a girlfriend tell her what happen then ask her if she would cheat on him

Should I tell a stranger he is being cheated on?

yes you should. It would be a nice thing to do.

My wife cheated on me an won't tell her parents. Should I accept this as ok or should I not.?


Who was Jesse McCartney girlfriend that cheated on him?

Jesse McCartney is a famous pop star. The girlfriend that he had that cheated on him was named Katie Cassidy.