Should you try to win your ex back?

me and my ex have been on and off for nearly 7 years. He's had a long term relationship before with a girl for about three years but after that came to me and said he liked me. we went out for a while but things didn't work out. but no matter we were still friends. few months after we had broken up we went somewhere together with a group of friends and he told me that he still liked me. but we didn't go out because he said he liked his other ex too. after that nothing happened with us but we were still friends. then he left for college. after that we saw each other over break and things happened between us. when i asked him what was going on he said he didn't know what happened but said that it wasn't anything big. he said there was something between us but it wasn't that strong. after that he went back to school and i was left back here confused. i was really mad at him first but i got over my anger and continued talking to him. we texted a lot and we would flirt back and forth. now he as a girlfriend but somethins he says over texts makes me think that he still might have a little bit of feelings for me. what should i do? do you think it will work out between us? or should i just forget about him?