Should you turn a blind eye on him cheating the second time in the same year of being together for the past 2 years since you love him more than he can ever love any other girl in his lifetime?


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Me and my boyfriend have been together for the past 2 years now. Hes my FIRST love. My FIRST boyfriend. My FIRST kiss. My security. My FIRST everything a girl would want in a boyfriend. Just after our first year of us being together, he decided to go off with another girl. I asked him why he did that... i said to him, you knew i loved you, why'd you do it? He said "I needed a girl here near me". We have a far distant relationship and cannot always meet up as often as wished. So this girl he went off with.... she actually got his number asking for a bit of help, but ended up getting too close and went out for a couple of weeks. During the weeks he went out he says he felt "bad" and hurt for going off with her and letting me think he was busy with a bit of work. (Hes a part time DJ). - There was me thinking hes busy?! I found out he got with this girl by a heartless little text saying: "I've been meaning to tell you something. I've found someone else. I'm sorry. I promise to be here for you too. Take care. xx" - I LOST IT! My life became hell and i cried and cried for days. Didn't eat for days. Didn't feel like living anymore. Felt like life was crap nothing worth living for. I didnt speak to him for a month. But then i wanted answers. Why did he decide to go off with another girl. Didnt he love me.... He regretted what he had done and broke off all contact with this girl. Ignored her calls. Her text messages. Everything. Yet she wouldn't give up. He apologised many times. And being the first time. I forgave him... I later on found out that heartless text was from her but from his phone. How heartless. That one single text message killed me. Turned my world up side down. We got back together.

5 months later.... there was a pathetic, silly little misunderstanding. And we didnt talk for a couple of days.... weeks.... Eventually we didnt speak for a month. Later on i found out through his emails he had gotten back with his ex. I confronted the ex.... and she just rubbed it all in my face. They didnt work out because she cheated on him and went off with another boy. He got back with her. I knew she'd do it again, and just couldn't see him making a huge mistake. I tried warning him. He didnt listen. Therefore gave up. I took a back seat. I knew the girl was only going to mess him around. I Loved him. He knew that very well. Yet cheated on me with his ex.

Now.... that she's cheated on him!.... (AS I WARNED HIM)... hes stopped talking to her. He's asked for an apology and says he understands if i don't take him back. He said he probably would do the same and not take me back if i had been and done what hes done. I REALLY REALLY love him. More than my own life. He means my COMPLETE world. But theres a slight feeling... WHAT IF IT HAPPENS AGAIN? I can't be fooled with time after time... Yet again?

...I'm easy to slip and take him back....



I know u love him more than yourself but u need to move on. because uve been liking only the same guy and never changing u're not going to live u're life u want. find another guy because there is plenty out there that are much better than the one u love. u just have to learn to love again becuz u know u can and u need to believe that.