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you can if you want to. ONLY if you have super smash brothers brawl, if you do, go to Google and search,"smash stack instructions," it will work for any firmware. trust me, i installed homebrew today using smash stack. smash stack is also the easiest way to put homebrew on the wii.

if you are still having trouble, email me at:

always glad to help anyway i can

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Q: Should you update your wii 4.3u after installing homebrew letterbomb?
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Will your Wii brick if you update it?

Well it shouldn't brick your wii if you're doing the official update. Maybe if you shut the wii off during the update, but the update should just overwrite your previous update, or the homebrew channel if you have that installed depending on the version you're updating to.

What are the dangerous parts of the homebrew channel?

If you download a Wii System Update, it removes the Homebrew channel. Also, downloading it may "brick" your Wii, which makes it unusable.

Will iTunes 9 update quicktime?

iTunes 9 requires QuickTime 7.6 or later. If you are running an earlier version of QuickTime you will need to update it. The iTunes installing process should let you know if you need an update but will not do it automatically.

Chances of your wii being bricked by homebrew channel if you have update 3.1?

0.000000000000000000000000000000000000001% if you leave the system files alone

What is the latest version of the Homebrew Channel and where can I download it?

As of the 27th / February / 2009, the latest version of the Homebrew Channel is Version 1.0.1.If the Homebrew Channel is not on your machine you can get it for free from its main site at you already have it installed on your machine, please make sure you have an internet connection active to your Wii and it will update itself automatically.Do not pay for the Homebrew Channel! If you do, you have been scammed!----

How do you update software?

By installing new versiof the current software

You had homebrew channel 4.2 and you deleted it from your wii because you got bored with it First you deleted homebrew channel then you unistalled divx and your Wii safe from bricking now.?

No, if you uninstalled the Homebrew Channel and BootMii, there is very little that can help you if the Wii bricks due to a "full brick" from an update, etc. except for sending it in to Nintendo. Uninstalling the Homebrew Channel and BootMii will not brick your Wii, however.

How do you get the update for Super Smash Bros. brawl?

There is no update for Super Smash Bros. Brawl and there never will be. Not true. If you're talking about Brawl+, you need the Homebrew Channel, and then you need to go to the official Brawl+ site.

How legal is the Homebrew Channel for wii?

It depends. If you use it to download commercial roms and emulators then it is not, but otherwise it is legal. Your warranty is voided but there is a low chance of 'bricking' your wii (modifying the firmware so that it won't start normally) but just backup your data and install starfall. p.s. there is a low chance of getting caught piratingNintendo does not support the Homebrew Channel. If you try and update your Wii firmware and it doesn't work but your Homebrew Channel gets deleted, try to update again and it should work.

In which two situations should a technician create a restore point?

before an operating system update and before installing a new driver.

Psp 5.03 firmware update to allow psp-3000 to run homebrew?

no sony would never do that it would be a stupid buisness move go to http// then look up chickHEN R2 it will tell you stuff that lets you run homebrew on psp 3000

What do you do after installing software?

update it regulary use it correct dont mess up with settings