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If it makes you uncomfortable, then no. It doesn't make you insecure to feel that way. A girl who is seen with other guys will get the wrong idea and it isn't right for her to do that. She can be friends with her guy-friends, but she should include you when she wants to hang out with them.

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โˆ™ 2006-02-23 06:43:13
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Q: Should your intimate girlfriend go out with other men and keep close friendships with her old boyfriends?
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What can I do if I am being harassed by a boyfriends ex girlfriend?

You should not have to do anything about your boyfriends ex girlfriend harassing you because it should be your boyfriend getting a backbone and dealing with his ex girlfriend harassing you. Tell your boyfriend to take care of this mess!

Should you call your boyfriends ex girlfriend?

of course you should its a great opportunity to make friends

What should you do your girlfriend of 15 years is preagnent?

you should not be offended if she doesn't want the baby or says its not yours its her previous boyfriends

How should you act around the guy you like but your best girlfriend likes the same guy?

Friends should be forever and to let a young man come between you is not worth it. It would be wise to just be yourself and let this young man in question make up his own mind whether he likes your best girlfriend or you. If you persist on flirting with him it will hurt your friend. Boyfriends can be replaced, but good friendships cannot.

What does it mean when your boyfriends dreams his girlfriend is getting possessed?

That you should ask him h ave you ever tried that.

What should you and your boyfriends song be?

My girlfriend gave me the song "You are the best thing" by Ray LaMontagne. Great "song" for a couple.

How old should you have a girlfriend?

You should get a girlfriend whenever you feel you are ready for a real relationship with a girl. But personally, I'd say at least 16 years old is good for having girlfriends/boyfriends.

Do girlfriends generally like there boyfriends being polite or not?

You should really consider just what kind of girlfriend you have, but seriously YES!

Should I tell the guy Ive been seeings girlfriend?

Yes. You should be honest and open. If your Boyfriends GF is your friend than shell understand

Should you let your girlfriend go hang out at her ex boyfriends house with her friend and his friend?

no because this is what you call a double date lol

What should I know before I try to buy intimate apparel for my girlfriend?

You need to be able to relax about your decision. Experimentation is sexy in itself.

What kind of intimate games can you play with your girlfriend?

the most imp game you can play with your girlfrnd is that yu should avoid her. avoidind is the best game

What are things you should not ask your girlfriend?

You should never ask you girlfriend the following things: Her weight her clothing sizes if she forgot to shower, put on makeup, perfume deodorant etc about her ex boyfriends also how many time she has had sex are her clothes to small

I like a boy he doesnt know though and hes like one of my best friends and we really trust each other and he has a girlfriend that is also a friend what should i do?

Leave him alone. First of all - he has a girlfriend. You DON'T want to be "that girl." You know - the one that takes people's boyfriends? It's hard to get rid of a bad reputation like that. Secondly - your friend is more important than some boy. True friendships are rare and hard to come by.

Should you stay with you girlfriend whom she had six boyfriends before. what if she said they are not all serious boyfriends what would you feel and do.?

I think you should look for a new girlfriend, cause she has already six, why be with her when their are many around? And because all of them are not serious, you may think they are betraying her or something, of course you would feel bad what else would it be? The best thing you should do is look for a new girlfriend and this time much better than her, cause if you still choose her now she might think you'll betray her again. (duh?)

Should girlfriends want to change their boyfriends diapers?

Boyfriends shouldn't need diapers. If he does, it should be his mother changing them.

If a night out with your girlfriend goes perfect.. why is it that when you try to get intimate that she has no interest?

Your idea and her idea of perfect do not match. Or, she has no intention of becoming intimate, not that she isn't interested, but her morals say otherwise. Or, she has only a limited interest in you. Perhaps you should discuss this with her, and try to understand what she feels.

Your girlfriend seems to be intimate with one of her male friends and often hugs him but she swears that they are just friends should you be worried?

He might be gay. Try and chat him up to see.

Why should girls not have boyfriends?

They should. Whoever told you that is a moron.

Should you tell your exboyfriends current girlfriend that he is cheating on her with you?

No, I don't think so because it'll only come off badly on you. Stop cheating with your ex-boyfriend and find a guy who deserves you. The girlfriend will find out about your ex-boyfriends infidlity eventually.

Should you care about your boyfriends ex-girlfriend?

well first of all do u trust your current bf to know that he would never get back with his x? then if she constantly flirts with your bf or like well tryin to take get him to dump u then yes you should care but if your bf says your just friends then u should have faith in him

Your girlfriend and you have been dating almost three months you have fallen in love but you are worried because she talks about her old boyfriends and ex-husbands frequently Should you be concerned?

If she has a bunch of old boyfriends and ex-husbands, it could be that she has a problem with long term commitments. Tread lightly here.

Should you ask about your boyfriends exgirlfriends?


Why keep contact with ex-boyfriends?

You Should Keep contact with your ex-boyfriends so you guys dnt hate each other it's the rite thing to do

How a bosom friend should be?

an intimate friend