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The original text is not called the "Old Testament". It is called "the Hebrew Bible.

See related links for the complete Hebrew Bible online.

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Q: Show me the original verson of the Old Testament in Hebrew?
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Where is the verse in the letter of hebrew. Let mutual love continue. Do not neglet to show and and and and and?

This verse is from the New testament, so it doesn't come from Hebrew. It comes from Greek. I'm not sure why you ended it with four "ands" though.

What does the name laing mean in Hebrew?

Laing has no meaning in Hebrew. Sorry. If you can show me how to pronounce it, I can show you how to write it phonetically.

Is there a way to show the Hebrew alphabet in English?

There is a way to show Hebrew words in English by using English spelling, but you can't "show the Hebrew alphabet" in English.For example here are some Hebrew words written in English spelling:שלום = shalomממשלה = memshalaמזל טוב = mazal tovכלב = kelev

What is the nature and function of prophecy in Hebrew religion?

The purpose of prophecy in the Hebrew Scriptures commonly known as the Old Testament of the Bible (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, [All 5 collectively known to Jews as the Pentateuch], Joshua, Judges.....Malachi) is to show God's dealings with the nation of Israel and to point to the coming Messiah.

What does dawyne mean in Hebrew?

dawyne has no meaning in Hebrew. But if you can provide the exact pronunciation of this name, I can show you how to write it using Hebrew letters.

What does the name chamele mean in Hebrew?

Chamele has no meaning in Hebrew. But if you could tell me how to pronounce it, I can show you out to write it out phonetically in Hebrew letters.

What does Tick - show-Ret mean in Hebrew?

תקשורת (tikshoret) is the Hebrew word for communication.

What is the word musical in Hebrew?

When referring to a musical show (such as Broadway / west end show) then the word is Mahazemer which is a hybrid of the Hebrew for 'Show' and 'Song' when referring to the adjective form, there is no Hebrew word, and therefore Hebrew speakers would also use 'Musical', pronouncing it 'Moo-zi-ca-li' (similarly there is n real Hebrew word for Music, though there are words for 'Tune', 'theme' or 'Song')

How do you say Carolyn in Hebrew?

Carolyn in Hebrew is as follows (I am not sure if it will show up, so let's see!): קרולין

What is the Hebrew word for show?

show (noun; like a theater show): hatzagah show (verb imperative; as in "show me the item"): tar'eh (to a male); tar'ee (to a female).

What books are missing from the Old Testament?

It depends on whose perspective you are looking at the Old Testament from. The books missing from the KJV and the Hebrew Old testament include Book of Jasher, Book of the Wars of the Lord, and Book of Songs. In addition, the Heather Bible has Acts of Solomon, Annals of King David and the Book of Samuel the Seer. The Hebrew and Protestant Bibles also lack the Apocrypha, parts of which show up in different canons in the Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Syriac, and Ethiopian. Each of those four canons has different sets of Apocryphal books and each has books lacking in all three of the others, especially in the Ethiopian canon.

What does the testament Matthew 5-7 say?

It is when you are merciful; God will show Mercy to you.