Turn Signals and Hazard Lights

Signal arrow on left indicator flashes rapidly bulbs ok on holden barina 2005 lights not working?


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Turn left indicator signal flashes rapidly when I use indicator, bulbs ok, no lights working


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my turn signal indicator flashes rapidly but the actual turn signal does not flash only on one side

Make sure all bulbs are working Replace turn signal flasher

How bout the turn signal indicator switch located in the steering column.

It's the turn signal indicator-located behind the hazard lights.You have to take it out and replace it.

When any turn signal on a vehicle flashes more rapidly than normal, then that means that a signal light on the side that is blinking is burned out. It could be either the front of back. You should check your signals to see if one is burnt out. The brake however should not affect this - you could have a short.

One of your bulbs is burned out. Replace it and test. To determine which one turn on your signal and see if one bulb stays lit with the other not doing anything. Otherwise, check them both and replace the one with a bad filament.

one or more bulbs for the turn signal have burned out....try replacing the bulbs

If you are getting an indicator of a burned out light, but don't see a burned out light, it must be a turn signal light. On a Mercedes, you'll actually get a "burned out light" indicator if the turn signal is not working.

These symptoms indicate that there is either:a failure of the signal light switcha bad ground in the signal and head light circuits.

Turn signal bulbs and hazard bulbs are the same bulb. When the turn signal is turned on, the indicator light on the dash flashes in tune with the turn signal. When the hazard lights are turned on, an extra fuse which is live, powers the hazard flashers, even if the car is turned off.

Sounds like the turn signal indicator lights.Sounds like the turn signal indicator lights.

Check the bulbs. This usually indicates you have a bulb out. In fact, it is a handy signal that you have a bulb out. The 4-way flasher has more bulbs to power, so it doesn't notice that one is missing.

The front turn signal bulb is blown. This is a feature of all modern cars, so that the operator becomes aware that the bulb is not working.

The turn signal indicator relay switch can be found below the dashboard on the drivers side. The signal indicator relay switch should be labeled as such.

signal lights not working.

What indicator are you talking about? Turn signal, emergency flasher, check engine light, abs light, oil light, temp light, alt light, etc. We can't read your mind.

If turn signals are working could be a bad bulb If turn signals are not working--could be fuse flasher or problem in steering column

It could be the bulb(s), or possibly a faulty connection but if all bulbs are ok, it's probably the turn signal.

You need to replace the turn signal bulb. When bulb is burnt out the turn signal will flash faster.

You probably have a bulb burned out on the side that blinks fast.

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