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Check the engine oil level. Check the trnsmission fluid level. Is your mother in law still tied to the back bumber?

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Your 95 Corsica makes a roar noise when driving and the noise slows down as it accelerates what is it?

A faulty fan clutch.

2006 Buick Rendevous whistle noise when engine accelerates?

I would check the serpentine belt and pulleys

What would make a loud roaring noise when your 2002 Buick Century accelerates?

Bad fan clutch!!

Is there a photo of the Ford Taurus block heater location?

why is my '99 ford taurus making a knock noise and smoking from under the radator

As your car accelerates your car makes a loud grinding noise when driving forward but when you turn the noise fades a little bit?

Could be a wheel bearing/hub going bad.

What if the car is making noise as car acclerates?

Check your car if there's loosen tool that makes your car noisy when it accelerates.

What is causing my2003 Ford Taurus makes a clicking noise when trying to start?

it might be your starter.

If your 1997 Ford Taurus makes a loud noise when you let off the gas in Park could it be the timing chain?

Hello, my suggestion would be just opening the hood when the noise goes on. Try to locate where the noise comes from. I have similar problem with my Taurus 2000 SE. It occasionally makes the noise somewhere under the hood. I sent the car to pep boys today. they were not able to locate the noise because it was quiet . so i have to wait until the noise goes up again and open the hood and see.


no noise- no problem

What Noise may come from timing belt on Ford Taurus?

The Ford Taurus does not have a timing belt, it has a timing chain. The timing chain is designed to last the life of the engine, and does not need routine replacement.

What is the thumping noise on your Hyundai sonata the accelerated when you go faster?

A thumping noise on your Hyundai Sonata that accelerates when you go faster might be a tire balance issue or a tire that is coming apart. You might also have an issue with the tie rods.

What cause a 2001 Ford Taurus ses to make a chirping noise?

It 's your dang old cam shaft syncronizer.

Nissan maxima makes whirring noise that gets louder as you accelerate?

I am hearig a similar whirring noise in my 04 Maxima that increases in pitch as the car accelerates. I suspect it is the idler puley. I'm planning to replace it in a couple of weeks and will report ba.

Why would a 1996 Taurus in perfect condition has 60000 miles have a humming noise that does not seem to affect running but is annoying?

have seen in the past , fuel pump moan/noise on this make & model / from a ford tech.

Thumping noise coming from left rear wheel on 97 Taurus sounds like wheel is rubbing against something why?

Have that tire checked sometimes the belts inside can break and cause a thumping noise

What are the symptoms of - or - how do you diagnose a bad front wheel bearing on a Taurus - Sable?

If you hear a noise you suspect is a bad wheel bearing try this. While driving slowly turn the wheel sharply to the left. If the noise goes away your left front wheel bearing is bad. Now, turn sharply to the right. If the noise goes away you right front wheel bearing is bad. The only 100% sure fire way to know for sure is to remove the wheel bearing and inspect it.

What does it mean when your car 4 cylinder Automatic Hyundai sonata makes a squealing whining noise when it accelerates?

it means u need a new car because u bought a Hyundai

Loud noise when shifting from park to drive?

If there is a loud noise when shifting from park into drive, it may be a transmission problem. One should shift slowly, as the transmission could disengage itself.

Why did smoke come from the battery of my car and I heard a popping noise and the car won't start 2003 Ford Taurus?

When I started my car I heard a loup pop and smoking coming from the battery and now my car won't start in my 2003 taurus, why?

Why would 98 ford Taurus be making noise if you changed the serpentine belt idler pulley and tension pulley?

replace the belt with a goodyear bet

How can you tell when my Chrysler 300's CV Driveshaft is bad?

A faulty Chrysler 300 driveshaft will make a clunking noise as it turns. The driveshaft noise can be best heard when moving very slowly.

What would cause your 1996 Taurus to make a light whiring noise while accelerating - cruising but make a winding down- grinding noise when you let off the gas yet sounds normal when idling?

Check the idler pully.

Ford Taurus Noise from belt?

The most common noise from the serpentine belt is a worn bearing on either the idler pulley or the tensioner pulley.You can also get noise from any of the components of the belt train.It needs to be check out immediately because your power steering runs off the same belt and could lead to a steering failure.

How many motor mounts are in a 1992 Ford Taurus?

My vehicle is starting to pull to the right. I hear the noise, and a couple of people said that my motor mount is gone. I have no idea where it is.

Why do your brakes make a zing noise and freeze up when stopping or turning slowly?

That would probably sicking calipers or warped rotors or both

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