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I had this happen to me then eventually my toilet started overflowing the contents of my septic tank. SUCH FUN TO CLEAN! If you on a septic tank and this is happening you may need to have it pumped or have your drain line checked. what happened to me was my drain line was pinched and couldn't disperse my gray water, so my septic filled way too fast and eventually burped. I now use RidX once a month and it keeps the gurgles at bay.

If you are not on a septic system, CALL A PLUMBER ASAP, it could be a back up but having the sewer come back in on you would likely be way worse!

the main reason the tub/toilet are effected together is they are the last things on the drain line.


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Your drain line from the toilet is likely plugged. as far as the tub filling up, the tub probably drains into the same large line so it is also plugged, but the sink drain line comes into the main drain downstream from the plug, so it is still working ok. You need to call roto-rooter or similar and have the main drain snaked out. To do it yourself as much as practical, you can buy or rent a plumber

The sewer line is plugged or collasped. The sink and bathtub may drain because they drain at a slower rate. Toilet is all at once and the drain can't handle it. Water has to go somewhere so it backs up in the sink and tub.

this is because some people do big amounts of poo and flush lots of toilet paper down the drain the flusher can not hold this amount of waste so when you flush the toilet it gets stuck and slowly rotts away

Bowl fills up but doesn't go down? The toilet or the drain is probably plugged. Try using a plunger on it or fill a 5 gallon bucket with water and pour it into the bowl as fast as you can without causing the bowl to overflow. A lot of the time, this will flush out the line because that is 3 or 4 times the volume of water that is normally used.

Usually not. If toilet has a mixing valve going to it so warm water fills toilet tank and toilet runs constantly, then enough warm water could leak out through toilet to possibly have an effect on water heater.

A furuncle usually starts as a red, tender lump that quickly fills with pus, enlarging and hurting until it ruptures and drains.

remove and install a new filler valve and get a proper flapper for your toilet at a plumbing supply

Install a tempering valve in water line feeding toilet. Tempering valve will mix hot and cold water together so warm water fills toilet tank which will stop condensation.

Time to change the rubber flapper in the tank

The simplest metod is to use a calibrated bucket.Frequently the volume is 15-20 L for a bucket.

When you pull the handle a washer is lifted and the water goes down into the toilet and at the same time the cistern fills up once the washer is back in place from the flushing mechanism

This is a easy question. As i have learned over the years...FLY THERE FTW...or walk whatever fills your bathtub. Yours Truly:Master.TIMMY!

A leak in the plumbing is usually found by the water. A toilet will leak past the flapper in the tank. If the toilet fills by itself regularly, that means the flapper is leaking or you can put vegetable food coloring in the tank and watch to see if it shows up in the bowl.

Refill valve is a very important component in your toilet since it fills the tank of the toilet after every flush. This valve uses a float to turn the water on and off. This is a plumber related work, only a professional plumber can repair it.

First are there floor drains in basement? Could have blockage and force through floor drains. Plus there could be a parcel blockage in pipe and wax seal in toilet is shot. So when pipe fills it leaks at wax seal. Could be broken pipe that is existing some where in system. If unfimilar with plumbing, call a plumber. In some cases this will let you put your energy in other places. As far as the mold, get a dehumidifier. Sized right for the application. Hope this helps.

Look in the tank and see if the rod on the handle is interfering with the fill valve.

That noise is called "water hammer" any quick closing device can have that problem. You can change your toilet to a gradual closing system ( a float ball ) instead of a quick closing system ( a ballcock).

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If the toilet bowl fills lower than the previous waterline, the tank may not be working properly. Check that the float is moving freely and allowing the tank to refill all the way. Also make sure the filler tube is filling the toilet and is not directed elsewhere.

There is usually an adjustment screw at the top of the float valve. You can adjust that to minimize the noise.

FIX IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 7/3/09 -- Above "answer" not helpful. I also am experiencing same symptoms, but with newly installed sink-bowl. Trap, etc. all CLEAR. I am similarly befuddled as to why COLD drains fast, but HOT drains slowly. The only plumbing change was addition of a horizontal rubber section (where the drain goes into the wall after the J pipes) for flexibility.

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