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I had this happen to me then eventually my toilet started overflowing the contents of my septic tank. SUCH FUN TO CLEAN! If you on a septic tank and this is happening you may need to have it pumped or have your drain line checked. what happened to me was my drain line was pinched and couldn't disperse my gray water, so my septic filled way too fast and eventually burped. I now use RidX once a month and it keeps the gurgles at bay.

If you are not on a septic system, CALL A PLUMBER ASAP, it could be a back up but having the sewer come back in on you would likely be way worse!

the main reason the tub/toilet are effected together is they are the last things on the drain line.

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Q: Sink drains fine and the toilet flushes but the bathtub fills?
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What is wrong when the sink drains fine but the toilet won't flush and the bathtub fills?

Your drain line from the toilet is likely plugged. as far as the tub filling up, the tub probably drains into the same large line so it is also plugged, but the sink drain line comes into the main drain downstream from the plug, so it is still working ok. You need to call roto-rooter or similar and have the main drain snaked out. To do it yourself as much as practical, you can buy or rent a plumber

How much water fills a bathtub?

30 gallons

What fills a bathtub 30 gallons pints or cups?

30 gallons

When you flush the toilet fills with water to the top then gushes down but water comes up in the sink and bathtub what causes this?

The sewer line is plugged or collasped. The sink and bathtub may drain because they drain at a slower rate. Toilet is all at once and the drain can't handle it. Water has to go somewhere so it backs up in the sink and tub.

Toilet installed in basement after flushing water in bowl fills but then slowly drains out. There are no leaks and tank is full and seemingly works fine. Need to know how to vent or is it simpler?

A toilet bowl which slowly empties itself after filling indicates either a downstream stoppage or a defective bowl.

When Washer is draining Toilet and Tub fills up with drain water?

You have to use toilet more

Where is your water source for market pantry brand bottled water?

There is an old couple in Pittsburg that fills the bottles in their bathtub.

Toilet flushes but the water swirl around the bowl?

Bowl fills up but doesn't go down? The toilet or the drain is probably plugged. Try using a plunger on it or fill a 5 gallon bucket with water and pour it into the bowl as fast as you can without causing the bowl to overflow. A lot of the time, this will flush out the line because that is 3 or 4 times the volume of water that is normally used.

What is causing the toilet bowl to slowly empty after it fills and after the water tank fills?

this is because some people do big amounts of poo and flush lots of toilet paper down the drain the flusher can not hold this amount of waste so when you flush the toilet it gets stuck and slowly rotts away

What is a furuncle?

A furuncle usually starts as a red, tender lump that quickly fills with pus, enlarging and hurting until it ruptures and drains.

What is furuncle?

A furuncle usually starts as a red, tender lump that quickly fills with pus, enlarging and hurting until it ruptures and drains.

Can a running toilet effect the hot water heater?

Usually not. If toilet has a mixing valve going to it so warm water fills toilet tank and toilet runs constantly, then enough warm water could leak out through toilet to possibly have an effect on water heater.

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