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Bowl fills up but doesn't go down? The toilet or the drain is probably plugged. Try using a plunger on it or fill a 5 gallon bucket with water and pour it into the bowl as fast as you can without causing the bowl to overflow. A lot of the time, this will flush out the line because that is 3 or 4 times the volume of water that is normally used.

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How will you save the water?

Stop unnecessary flushes in the toilet. It definitely saves lot of water.

Why do hurricanes swirl?

It's the Coriolis Effect! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coriolis_effect Note: Does not govern swirl of toilet water.

Why does it take 2 flushes for the toilet?

Many toliets are designed to save water so for some "jobs" it takes two flushes.

What would cause water in toilet bowl to splash when flushed?

My g/f has this happen to her regularly and, it was only when I asked that she said she usually flushes once to get the flush working and then immediately after to make certain the toilet flushes everything away. She said that if a toilet has good pressure, it will often splash out when she flushes.

Why do pipes rattle when the toilet flushes?

Water hammering on any quick closing valves

Which way does the water spin when you flush the toilet?

AnswerUnlilke common belief, what hemisphere you live in has nothing to do with the way the toilet flushes. It spins according to how your toilet is manufactured.

What direction does the toilet bowl water go on the equator?

Latitude has no effect on the direction a toilet flushes. The Coriolis Effect cannot influence such small-scale processes.

Why would your toilet not flush properly does not appear to be clogged?

On the inner rim of your toilet where the water flushes out from the cistern, if these small holes are blocked it wont make the right angled pressure to flush a toilet

Why does the water pressure in your sprinklers fluctuate?

Because someone is using water somewhere else. For instance, if you are having a shower and someone flushes the toilet, the water going to the shower is decreased because some is going to the toilet now.

What could be the reason the toilet will not flush that has a septic system?

If you really mean it flushes but the water does not run away, then the septic tank is plugged.

Why does the toilet flush clockwise?

Actually, my can flushes counterclockwise, but it really doesn't matter. The lever is just there to lift a chain that lift a rubber tab that opens to draw the water out, with it repenishing the water while or upon closing.AnswerIt is called the "Coreolis Affect". North of the Equator, the water flushes counter-clockwise, so south of the Equator, the water flushes clockwise. "Are you livin' in the land 'Down Under'?" (Oh yeah)The coreolis affect does not apply to why the toilet flushes counter-clockwise. toilets have grooved holes that forces water to spiral to the bottom. this increases the flush force. earth's rotation creates the coreolis affect on weather patterns, etc.

Is there a valve or gadget available to stop scalding when toilet flushes or freezing when sink is turned on?

There are temperature balanced shower bodies that will adjust the hot water flow when it senses that the cold water flow drops due to flushing the toilet.

Toilet flushes the 2nd time only?

not enough water is getting in the holding tank to flush it down. Float valve may need adjusted

Why would the water in the toilet bowl be hot?

I assume you mean the water is hot when you flush it. If so the toilet has been plumbed into the hot water system when it should be plumbed into the cold. That happened to me once I thought the toilet was going through menopause, However as it turned out however the hot flushes turned out to be a hot water pipe being connected rather then a cold water pipe.

When taking shower and someone flushes toilet at same time the water in shower is scalding hot?

When you take a shower, you're mixing a combination of hot and cold water to make a comfortable temperature for the shower water. A toilet draws only off the cold water system. In older or poorly designed plumbing systems, when you flush the toilet, the cold water is pulled by toilet, so the water coming through the shower is only drawing from the hot water tank.

Why do states closer to the equators toilet swirl counterclockwise?

COntrary to popular belief toilet water doesnt swirl a different way due to any sort of supernatural occurance nor because of some sort of scientific belief. Toilets flush inÊ different fashion due to the manufacturer of the toilet. THe rule of water swirling in a counter clock wise motion refers to more larger scales like trade winds and or hurricanes.Ê

Which way does the water in the toilet bowl swirl?

It swirls clockwise in toilet bowls of the Northen Hemisphere and counter-clockwise in toilet bowls of the Southern Hemisphere. (You may have thought this was a simple question, but the answer is not only interesting, it makes you think about several physics concepts at once.)

Why is my toilet not flushing it only flushes once overfilled by holding down the buoy how can I fix it?

shorten chain on it if it is the flapper type. And make sure your water level is correct.

How much water used by people becomes waste water?

alone on average an american flushes down the toilet about 5 liters of water. so imagine how much things like showers or even brushing your teeth can waste.

Why has the water from bath sink fill toilet but toilet has no pressure to flush properly water drains out but does not flush?

Up along the rim of the toilet there are little holes that pour the water out when the toilet is flushed. Check the holes, they get clogged from build up over the years... Use a paper clip to clean them out.... A dirty job but could save you some $ replacing a toilet. You can check to see if that's the problem by filling a bucket with water and pouring it into the toilet. If it "flushes" correctly then it is not a drain line problem and is a problem with the water getting from the reservoir fast enough... that is likely the holes are clogged or you need new reservoir components.

What makes a toilet flush by itself?

In the back of the toilet where the drain pipe goes down there is what is called a trap. It is an "S" shape in the pipe that traps the water in the bowl. When there is enough water in the bowl to push out the water and air in the trap, it goes out taking the water in the bowl with it. If you mean the automatic flushers that you find in public restrooms, then they have an electronic eye that senses when there is someone there and when that person moves it flushes.

Why would water drain from the toilet bowl?

Water would drain from the toilet bowl if there is a crack in the lower part of the toilet. You would possible see water or signs of damp around the base. There is unfortunately no 'fix' for a crack in a porcelain bowl. If this is the cause then you need anew toilet.

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