Slovenia is in which continent?


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Slovenia is in Europe.

It is on the continent of Europe between Austria, Italy, Croatia and Hungary

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Slovenia is not in Asia. It is in the continent of Europe.

No. Slovenia is a country on the continent of Europe.

Italy is on the continent of Europe. It is bordered by the countries France, Switzerland, Austria, as well as Slovenia.

Europe. The alps are in the following countries: France, Monaco, Switzerland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Germany, Austria, Slovenia.

No, there are no laundromats in Slovenia.

No, Slovenia is republic

Slovenia is known as Slovenia to English speakers. To people from Slovenia and other parts of former Yugoslavia it is known as Slovenija.

The capital of Slovenia is Ljubljana, which is also the biggest city in Slovenia.Ljubljana

Slovenia is a country in Europe.

it is in the middle of Slovenia

Slovenia is in the Group C.

YES. Slovenia is a republic.

Slovenia is in German "Slowenien"

Slovenian people live in Slovenia....

Slovenia was not discovered, but formed in 1991.

There are 600 islands in Slovenia

Slovenia is an independent country in Europe.

The capital city of Slovenia is Ljubljana.

Slovenia is in the northern hemisphere, in Europe.

Yes, the currency of Slovenia is the Euro.

Slovenia is in Central Europe.

Slovenia is an independent country.

The capital of Slovenia is Ljubljana.

Slovenia has a mixed economy!

no slovenia does not have different states

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