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Slovenia is in Europe.

It is on the continent of Europe between Austria, Italy, Croatia and Hungary

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Q: Slovenia is in which continent
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Is Slovenia in Asia?

Slovenia is not in Asia. It is in the continent of Europe.

Are there any continents in Slovenia?

No. Slovenia is a country on the continent of Europe.

Which continent is Italy?

Italy is on the continent of Europe. It is bordered by the countries France, Switzerland, Austria, as well as Slovenia.

What continent can you find the alps on?

Europe. The alps are in the following countries: France, Monaco, Switzerland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Germany, Austria, Slovenia.

Is Slovenia in Germany?

No it is in Slovenia.

Slovenian embassy in a neighboring country to Nigeria?

See the link below for the Government of Slovenia's web page for a list of all Slovenian embassies abroad. The only country list on the continent of Africa is Egypt. Also linked below are the web sites for the Permanent Mission of Slovenia to the United Nations in New York City and The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Is there a Laundromat in Slovenia?

No, there are no laundromats in Slovenia.

Does Slovenia have a monarchy?

No, Slovenia is republic

What is Slovenia known as?

Slovenia is known as Slovenia to English speakers. To people from Slovenia and other parts of former Yugoslavia it is known as Slovenija.

Is Slovenia a country?

Slovenia is a country in Europe.

What is the location of ljubljana Slovenia?

it is in the middle of Slovenia

What group is Slovenia in?

Slovenia is in the Group C.

Is Slovenia a democracy?

YES. Slovenia is a republic.

Is an FSBO site in Slovenia or Croatia?


Is Slovenia still called Slovenia?


Does Slovenia have different states?

no slovenia does not have different states

To which country does Slovenia belong to?

Slovenia is an independent country.

What region of Europe is Slovenia in?

Slovenia is in Central Europe.

How do you say Slovenia in German?

Slovenia is in German "Slowenien"

What region is Slovenia in?

Slovenia is an independent country in Europe.

What is the caspital of Slovenia?

The capital city of Slovenia is Ljubljana.

Who lives in Slovenia?

Slovenian people live in Slovenia....

What hemisphere is Slovenia in?

Slovenia is in the northern hemisphere, in Europe.

How many islands are there in Slovenia?

There are 600 islands in Slovenia

When was Slovenia discovered?

Slovenia was not discovered, but formed in 1991.