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It could be an allergy to something you are using or you have had something on your hands and touched your mouth. It also could be plain old hormone changes (no matter what age you are.) It's best to see your Dermatologist to confirm the cause of this.

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Q: Small itchy watery pimples around the mouth what can they be and how do you get rid of them?
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The tip of my nose feels like there is a hair across it and then gets itchy Occasionaly when I wake up I will have a few small pimples on the tip What is this?

..pimples on your nose AND... ugly

What type of bumps are on skin and itchy and then bleed?


What are the small itchy pimples on your vagina that turn your skin black?

Best answer I'm gonna give you. You need to see a doctor.

I have red small none itchy bumps on my face what's going on?

well if you 9-13 its prabably one of your first pimples and your starting puberty

What is reason for red itchy painful ears?

its pimples... inflamation of the sebaceus gland of the skin..

What is the medical term meaning small itchy swelling?

A wheal is a small itchy swelling.

What is description of sore eyes?

person with sore eyes ha red, watery, and itchy eyes

What are small itchy bumps on and around butt area they won't go away At first they appear to be pimples or bites They do not spread and itching is not continuous but when it itches it is intense?

Might be heat rash - if you've been sweating or in hot conditions, this is a common area to get heat rash. Your description of the small bumps are consistant with heat rash.

Do allergies cause muscle pain?

It is possible, although more common symptoms of allergies include runny nose, watery and itchy eyes, itchy skin, vomiting or intestinal cramps.

You have a rash on your inner thigh is it herpes?

A herpes rash consists of painful and/or itchy blisters, pimples or sores in a small group. A rash on your inner thigh could be herpes. If you think it's possible, get an exam as soon as you can.

What should be done for itchy eyelids?

It depends on the characteristics. If the symptoms seems to be allergy related (itchy, watery, red), an over the counter antihistamine could help. If they are itchy from dryness try an over the counter eye drop such as visine for added moisture.

Do people throw up if they have an allergy?

they can but its not very common. normally its itchy eyes, rashes, sneezing, coughing or watery eyes.

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