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Some disadvantages south had in civil war?

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Most of the manufacturing was in the North.

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What were the disadvantages to the south during the civil war?

there not from the north

What disadvantages did south have during the civil war?

less supplies and factories

What disadvantages did the south have in the civil war?

One disadvantage the South had during the Civil War was that they had fewer factories than the North to produce things such as weapons. They South also had fewer railroads.

What disadvantages did the South have when the Civil War began?

Smaller population. No industrial manufacturing.

What were the two main disadvantages the south faced during the civil war?

disadvantages for the south were they needed more soldiers and were slowing losing control

What were the disadvantages of the south prior to the civil war?

little population north had much more than the south

What were the intangible disadvantages of the confederacy and union during the civil war?

Some intangible disadvantages for both the Confederacy and the Union during the Civil War was the loss of ways to get supplies to the battlegrounds. There were many people in the South willing to help the North but finding them was impossible.

What disadvantages did the south face during the civil war?

the south wasnt as well equipped as the North and didnt have the manufacturing to make things that were needed for the war

What were some disadvantages of the north during the civil war?

bad questioin

Information on the north against south civil war people?

who are some of the people in civil war north against south?

Why did the south have more disadvantages than the north after the civil war?

Because they lost Some examples were that the South relied strongly on slaves to work their plantation and the civil war freed the slaves; they don't have workers to work on plantations anymore. Have to fix a lot of the damage caused by war, etc.

What were the disadvantages of the civil war for the south?

The south's disadvantages were that they didn't have much water, food and supplies although they had brilliant generals they lacked guns

What were two disadvantages in the north during the civil war?

Two disadvantages in the North during the Civil War was that the North didn't have as good tactics as the South did. Another one is that the South fought on their own land so they knew the land better than the North did. Sources: Learned it in school

What were the advantages and disadvantages of the south during the civil war?

The advantages of the South was they used strategies that the North didn't use and they knew the weaknesses of the North.

What were the disadvantages of the civil war?


South tactics for winning the civil war?

The south lost the civil war

What disadvantages did the South have?

During the US Civil War, the South had a number of disadvantages. Among all its problems, perhaps the biggest disadvantage was a small population which affected the number of troops the South could place on the field of battle.

What were some hardships the south faced after the civil war?

no food

Why was the south in the Civil War?

the south wanted more individual state rights,some wanted slavery,and some wanted to secede.But slavery wasn't the main reason for the civil war

Did the south call the Civil War the Civil War?

The South generally callled it the War Between the States or the War of the Secession Some Southerners now call it "The Invasion of the North' or 'The Northern Invasion'

Which states were in the south during the civil war?

There were 11 southern states during the Civil War. Some of the states were Virginia, Tennessee, South Carolina, and Louisiana.

Why did the south won the Civil War?

The South lost the Civil War. The Union was preserved.

Disadvantages of the south in civil war?

they didnt have enough money or people to fight the north. in the north they had money people and they had supplies

Was the confederate the north or south in the civil war?

the confederate states of America was the south in the civil war.

When did South Yemen Civil War happen?

South Yemen Civil War happened in 1986.