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Southern colonies location?

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What was the southern colonies location?

Southern USA

Location of the tidewater and Piedmont?

In the southern colonies

How did the middle colonies get its name?

Their location relative to the New England colonies and the southern colonies.

What was the relative location of the middle colonies?

Relative to the New England and the southern colonies, they were in the middle.

What problems did the patriots face with the British in the war in southern colonies?

The activities of the British army in the southern colonies were difficult to asses due to the faraway location of those colonies.

How are the Middle Colonies and the Southern Colonies different?

ANSWER:One of the differences between the Middle Colonies and the Southern Colonies, was that while the southern colonies produced such crops as tobacco, rice, indigo (a plant used for making blue dye), and cotton; the middle colonies grew wheat, which would become a profitable crop.Another difference between the two regions was, that the middle colonies carried on coastal trade with the New England, and southern colonies. For the location of the middle colonies was a great location for ports.

Why are the Southern colonies called the Southern colonies?

When the 13 colonies were established, there were 3 regions: New England Colonies(furthest North), Middle Colonies(between the other two regions), and the Southern Colonies(furthest south). Because of this region's location(South of the two other regions), it was named the Southern Colonies which consisted of Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia.

Where does Pocahontas belong - a New England b Middle Colonies or c Southern Colonies?

Pocahantas was part of the Powhatan Tribe near Virginia colony. That location puts her squarely into the southern colonies.

Why New York New Jersey Pennsylvania and Delaware were called the middle colonies?

They are the middle colonies because of its location between the new England colonies and the southern colonies.

What did the southern colonies depend on from the New England colonies?

The New England Colonies main export was fish because of their location to the Grand Banks. Also, the colonies were the source for tea imports coming from Britain.

What made the new England colonies diffrent from each other?

The biggest difference was the location of the 3 sections of the colonies. The northern colonies lived differently than the middle and the most difference was in the southern plantations/colonies. That difference still exists today. The middle and northern colonies were more alike than the southern colonies were with the other two. The lifestyle of southern colonies was agrarian and the use of slaves set them apart. While northern and middle colonies had a mixture of cash crops, sailing and shipping industry, with industry of things like making glass.

What was the location of the middle colonies?

The location of the middle colonies was in America near the Atlantic coast.

What cities became busy ports in the middle colonies?

Two of the most popular ports in the middle colonies were found in New York, and in Delaware. Both colonies played a major part in trade between the New England Colonies, and the Southern Colonies, because the area was a great location to have ports.

How is the middle colonies and southern colonies different?

Depends on the time period... 1700-1820's Crops-Location-Beliefs-Patriotism, ETC... Thats all I know... Sorry if I screwed up your homework or whatever.

Who of the thirteen colonies settled for profit and trade?

Of the original 13 colonies the southern colonies settled for profit and trade. since the south's cash crop was tobacco they used it to make a large sum of there money and in using tobacco they were able to trade for many goods that they did nit have do to there location.

One important difference between the founding of the Virginia and Maryland colonies?

Location, location, location

What made the southern colonies different from the rest?

The middle colonies where different from the others because of their climate and location. They had a more humid climate then the other colonial groups and there location was set more inland then the other groups haha so your teachers can suck it when they assume your gonna get it wrong.. it took me foreveaahhh to find that ! lol enjoy :)

What is the Location of the Southern Ocean?

The Southern Ocean surrounds the continent of Antarctica.

What is Baltimore a southern or a northern city?

northern in location but southern at heart

What is the location of Georgia?

In the southern US.

Location of the Alps?

Southern Europe

What is the Mississippi location?

It is a Southern state.

What is the Date and location of the 1765 British Stamp Act?

the thirteen colonies. i don't know the date The location was the thirteen colonies. The date is March 22, 1765.

How location influenced a colony's economy?

The New England Colonies were cold, rocky, and had tons of trees. They couldn't farm for profit so they built ships, and whaled. The Southern Colonies were warm with rich soil and so they were able to base their economy on agriculture. Since the Middle colonies were ,well, in the middle they were a great place for trade!

Where is thames river location?

Southern England