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Aννα, ΑΝΝΑ

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Q: Spell Anna out using the Greek alphabet?
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How do you spell Anna in Spain letters?

The Spanish language uses the same Latin (or Roman) alphabet that the English language uses. So, Anna would be Anna.

How do you spell ana?


How many ways can you spell Anna?

ana anna anaa any an

How do you write Anna demspey in greek letters?

anna dempsey

How do you spell Ann in polish?


How do you spell Hannah in Italian?


How do you spell Anna Nicole?

well it is spelled right Anna Nicole Smith

What names can you spell backwards and forward?


How many names can you spell forward and backwards?

you can only spell 2 names. The names are Hannah and Anna. From Niall lover

How do you spell annnna?

The proper given name in English is spelled Anna.

What has the author Anna Choi written?

Anna Choi has written: 'Annamals A to Z' -- subject(s): Alphabet, Animals, English language, Juvenile literature

What does Anna mean in greek?

Its a name (greek: άννα) that doesnt have any special meaning.