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The Springfield arms CO 22 cal model reliance can be evaluate based of the its value. This will determine the cash that will be generated.

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The Stevens "Springfield" Model 83 was manufactured from 1935 to 1939. Value is between $40 to $75.

A Savage Springfield 67H is worth between 100 and 200 dollars pending on condition.

The value of a Springfield Savage Arms 22 long single shot model 120A depends on its condition. As of 2014, this gun in excellent condition is valued between 90.00 and 120.00.

Have you any idea what the value is rgds lilly

I have just purchased a 187S Savage with Springfield scope( 4x ). I paid $65.00 for it.

I can tell you the Springfield name was discontinued in 1948. Value would be from around 250.00-350.00 assuming it's in very good to excellent shape.

Savage Arms is the manufacturer of Springfield Shotguns.

A Springfield model 120 22 caliber bolt action rifle can be worth 100$-250$ depending on the year it was made and the condition it is in.

I asked, What is the value, Worth of a "Model 840 (eight,four,zero) Savage, Bolt Action,30-30 W/3 rnd. clip, Of Springfield Arms, Westfield, Mass."

there are a number of variables to that question. the condition-the year of manufacture-does it function? $350.00 to $600.00

Rather pricy- depending on exact model, condition and caliber, these have sold for between $600 and $1000.

Its hard to say what the exact age and/or value would be. J. Stevens Arms Co. began producing the Model 15 springfield in 1938. It retailed in the Sears and Roebuck catalogue for $3.18. In really good condition it is probably worth about $100.

I would like to know what a Savage Arms Westfield Mass. U.S.A Springfield Model 18 Series F A939683 is worth? It is bolt action and has a clip in great shape. Thanks Kim Brady

The best way is to contact Springfield Arms, and speak with a rep, give them the serial # and model# and they will be able to look up a production date for you.

That will depend on what kind of a Springfield Arms rifle it is. The "real" Springfield Arms was founded in 1850, manufactured revolvers that infringed on patents held by Colt, and closed within a year. In the early 1900's, Crescent Arms used the name on a line of inexpensive shotguns. After Savage/Stevens purchased Crescent, the Springfield Arms name was also used on several bolt action and autoloading .22 rifles. The name was discontinued in 1948.

estimate $500-700 plus-minus depending on overall condition for parts I have one, manufactured in the '70s by Savage Arms. Approximate value is 140.00 - 180.00 USD.

J. Stevens Arms used the Springfield name about 1930 - 1948. There is probably a model number (5000 or 5100 are the most likely options) on the right side of the receiver. Value, if fully functional, would be around $200-$250. A bit more if it is a .410 or 28 gauge.

1928 to 1933 I have a Springfield arms model 50 Jr. and it needs a new bolt. Where could I find one? I also would like to know when this gun was made.

The Springfield Model 84 was made by J. Stevens Arms Company, Chicopee, Mass.