Starting period early

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Nothing wrong with it; it happens sometimes.

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Q: Starting period early
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Related questions

What does it mean if you start your period early?

it just means your starting puberty early

Is starting your period early a sign of pregnancy?

just curious since my fiance' started her period nearly two weeks early???

Are sensitive nipples a sign of starting your period?

They can be, but it can also be an early sign of pregnancy.

Is it normal for your period to start a little early?

Yes, If you are just beginning birth control or starting a new birth control it can cause a period to be early or a little late

If you get your period early do you have menopause early?

Menopause happens around 45+, so I wouldn't think you'd get it early. My mom got her period at age 10 and is in her late 40's and is starting it now.

Can accidentally taking 2 birth control pills in one day cause you to start your period early?

No. You will be fine. Forgetting several days will result in starting your period early.

Does starting your period early mean that you like boys?

No, menstruation doesn't impact on your sexuality.When you start your period doesn't make you heterosexual.

Can starting the pill before you get your period make your period late?

The pill can alter your menstruation cycle making your period late or early. Spotting is also a possibility.

What happens if you've started your period 1 week early?

Nothing bad can happen from starting your period 1 week early. If this happens it is probably because you're irregular but it does not cause problems.

What period did Ned Kelly come the early period or later period?

early period

What period did ned kelly come from early or late period?

he came from the early period

Does it mean anything if you start your period 2 days early?

It is normal for your period to occasionally be slightly irregular. Starting a day or two early or late could be a result of many different bodily changes or factors but it is normal.

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