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Step-by-step instructions to remove the dash to replace the blend door on 1995 through 2001 Mercury Mountaineer all models?


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This is a brief description of how to access the Blend Door. Plan at least 8 hours. My first time took 2 weekends. I highly recommend finding a Blend Door kit on eBay for about $25. I found that many other descriptions (including the manuals) made me remove lots of items that did not need to be (radio-cd-player). Here are the essentials.
  • 1: Disconnect Battery Terminals
  • 2: Remove the center console

A: Pull the front storage shelves (light pressure)

B: Pull the cup holders

C: Loosen the screw that holds the wiring harness until the harness is free

D: Remove the two bolts from the dash

E: Remove the two bolts under the cup holders

F: Pull the center console straight back (is held under rear by open ended clip) apply as much pressure as needed.

  • 3: Remove the steering wheel column

A: Remove the emergency brake lever holder

B: Remove the hood latch lever holder

C: Remove any remaining bolts on the bottom of this cover

D: Pull this cover straight back to release from pressure pins

E: Remove 4 bolts holding steering column and collar

F: Remove bolt from steering column u-joint

G: Pull steering column off - lay on front seat

  • 4: Remove the dash-board

A: Remove the dash vent by pulling straight up

B: Remove the small screws across the front that are now exposed

C: Remove the kick panels from both sides of the dash

D: Remove the passenger air-bag (gain access through the glove-box)

E: Disconnect all wiring harnesses on passenger side behind kick pannel

F: Get a helper

G: Remove the 5 brass bolts (two on left, two in the middle, one on right)

H: Remove the dash from the firewall

I: Pull passenger side back out of the way to gain access to plenum

  • 5: Install Blend Door

A: Cut hole in plenum using eBay kit

B: Install new eBay Blend Door kit

  • 6: Reassemble

DO NOT DO The DASH REMOVAL. This fix takes a lot of time and $$$. This is how a shop does it so they can make $$. There's a way to go through the the glove box. Make a cut into the box, remove the blend door and replace it with the kit. 1 hr fix if your handy. On Fords the shaft on the door breaks. (Plastic) Door kit $100. Find kit online or ebay...