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Student unrest and Vietnam war?

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The US Government was drafting about 40,000 men a month to fight the war in Vietnam; this caused unrest.

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descrive the connection of the student unrest and the Vietnam war?

The Vietnam War and compulsory military service.

Student unrest and the war in Vietnam were interconnected. While students were opposing other issues back at home, their main concern was America's involvement in what they deemed a 'win less' war. They felt that way because it was simply impossible to contain communism in Southeast Asia. They also felt that so many poor American kids were going over there to kill or die at the hands of other poor people. The Vietnam War and the lies that accompanied it seriously impacted and affected the student union movement back home. In fact, many people believe it was the war that led to student protests and demonstrations in the first place.

Student unrest and the war were directly related. If a student didn't carry so many units, say 18 per semester year, and his average dropped below 2.0 he could lose his deferment status. If an instructor didn't like the student, he could engineer a way to get him drafted by the military. There was an incentive to do well in college.

Students were being drafted for the war, if their grade point average dropped below 2.0. College deferments were only valid if the students kept up good grades.

ROTC buildings were located on campus, and were often burned. Students who failed to maintain a 2.0 average faced military conscription. Result: Protests and riots.

If I could pick one word to described it, it would be "unrest."

In the US, student unrest mostly occurred after Johnson escalated the Vietnam War. The underlying cause of the unrest was mostly due to the draft, I think, but there was some protest against the war itself and how it was being conducted. There were concerns about the toxic effects of agent orange, a defoliant widely used to kill vegetation to make aerial surveillance and bombing easier. There also were some shocking incidents of American brutality against civilians that arroused protests.

If referring to the Vietnam War then the answer is September 26th 1959. That is the start date of the war anyway. There had been unrest and civil wars since far earlier however with the background leading to the Vietnam war begining in the 1940s.

Student unrest means student discontent. Often students show this unhappiness with the way things are by staging protests, and demonstrations.

The military draft created social unrest; 40,000 men a month.

We (America,Australia, England and others) withdrew due to political unrest and the commies won.

If you weren't rich, or related to a politician, or if you weren't a college student...then you were, quite possibly, headed for Vietnam.

The drafting of college students was the reason for the counter culture and student unrest during the 1960's. ROTC buildings were routinely targeted and burned on college campuses thru-out the nation. ROTC programs were largely cancelled during the 1970's to avoid rioting. Only recently have ROTC programs been re-vitalized on College campuses in the United States. The Vietnam War had to be fought by draftees. The mobilizing of military reserves could be construed as a act of war, or an escalation of the cold war if they had been activated.

yes they can take the student strike against the Vietnam War.

The phrase student unrest usually refers to demonstrations, the occupation of campus buildings and even some minor riots by students in the period from about 1967 till the early 1970s. It affected most of Western Europe and the U.S. Nearly all the students involved were opposed to the role of the U.S. in the Vietnam War. Beyond that, student grievances tended to vary from country to country. Student unrest was most prolonged and violent in West Germany. There the students were not only protesting against overcrowding in the universities but what they say as the failure of their parents to confront Nazism properly. In May 1968 student rioting, combined with widespread strikes, nearly led to the fall of President de Gaulle! (Incidentally, the phrase has nothing to do with feeling restless as a student or personal fear of failure).

The foreign issue(s) during the war was maintaining the status quo of the world & the cold war; all the while fighting the war in Vietnam. The domestic issue(s) was the same; with the added troubles created by the military draft, which was responsible for most of the unrest.

They were rioting against the military draft. They didn't mind the war as much as being drafted into the military to fight it!

No, the Vietnam War was in Vietnam

Industrial action and student unrest does not provide a conducive environment for teaching in any learning institution. Both may result in the shutting down of schools by the government.

No he didn't. He was a student during the Vietnam War, and received 2 deferments from the draft.

the four major failures of the great society are -republican comeback. -trouble on all fronts. -black unrest. -student unrest.

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